Final Two Weeks at Urban Wellness

The only constant is change.

Final Two Weeks at Urban Wellness
Photo by Peter Secan / Unsplash

I'm choosing to move on from having a brick-and-mortar location in Downtown Phoenix and my final day of availability at Urban Wellness will be Sunday, June 30, 2024.

Please see me for a Reiki or private yoga session before then!

I will be available for coaching sessions on a very limited basis before I shut down this program completely on 7/1/24.

It's time for a change.

I may return to Urban Wellness in some capacity at a later time. It's a GREAT place to be.

But, right now, I need to focus on other things.

Destiny Architecture® is 10 years old (counting when I kicked it off in Wichita as "You Deserve Reiki" in Wichita at White Dove in 2014).

Life for me has changed more than I imagined it would in moving back to Phoenix. This has been a time of deep change and it's now time for a change.

I hope I can burn this thing down in its current incarnation, find my way back to it, and rebirth it in a more helpful way to you and me.

I also want to concentrate on other things right now—especially yoga. I'll still be teaching yoga around the Phoenix area and hope to be doing more of that.

Running a business is hard.

I work in tech and it was time to decide which work of mine would hit the front burner instead of feeling like everything was coasting along in the background...

Destiny Architecture® was always meant to be a "side hustle" and it's time to downgrade it back to that.

I’ll still be “open” online for clients who want to meet with me via Zoom for private Reiki and yoga sessions. I still want to find a way to host a Reiki Exchange in Phoenix and teach students Reiki.

I still want to serve; I want to focus on things that help others in a way that doesn’t decrease my bandwidth and I want to do what I enjoy most.

If you’re in Phoenix, there are two weeks left to book with me at Urban Wellness! I may still host events there in the future.

Shoutout to Jaci, the best business roomie of all time and who makes me wish I could go back to be with her ASAP!

I look forward to better & more creative experiences ahead. Things will be a bit more experimental going forward.

The newsletter itself will back down to biweekly or monthly...Or simply when I have something to say—whether that's more often or not.

Anything new to come will be shared on and Nostr. I'll be working on ways to get deeper into sharing my work on a value-for-value basis going forward.

My favorite and most important things to build for are Bitcoin and Yoga. So, more of that to come... Nostr is a part of all that. 😊 💜 🧡

The next newsletter will likely come in July as I decide how to move forward from here. I'm leaning toward offering Distance Reiki sessions via Zoom as well as private yoga classes.

If that appeals to you, reach out and let me know:

destinyarchitecture [at] gmail [dot] com

As always, Bitcoin payments are gladly accepted. 🧡