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You're here because you realize it's time to create a new architecture for your life + business (content architecture). Remember: YOU are the architect of your own destiny. A good coach helps offer the structure (and helps you discover your proverbial blueprints) to get you there!

First, let's see if it's a fit by having a quick get-to-know-each-other session.

Are you new to content creation?

Maybe you’re unsure where to start.

Maybe you’re unsure what to do and how to do it.

Maybe you’re operating on a shoestring (for both money & time)

I sure was in 2016!

As a new online content creator, there are lots of shiny objects to distract you:

  • Patreon
  • Substack
  • Podcasts
  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • YouTube Shorts
  • WordPress
  • Squarespace
  • Twitter
  • Courses
  • Website building
  • Community Building
  • Online stores
  • Course creation
  • Content Creation
  • Typeshare
  • Medium
  • LinkedIn
  • Building a platform

Where do you place your time and attention???

The online world changes daily.

There are also shiny objects like, “Sign up for this FREE course, email newsletter, worksheet, etc!” Which one “expert” out of all these people has something to give YOU? Are they genuine, or did they just build a good funnel?

Then there’s the matter of your content creator tech stack!

What’s in your tech stack! How many shiny tech stack items do you need? What do they cost? Again—which are genuinely worth your precious time and money?

You’re probably starting as a side hustler.

That’s what I did! I had a few hours a week if I was lucky and not exhausted from two jobs where I worked six days and 50+ hours a week. Not to mention how those jobs didn’t exactly help me build the skills I’d need as an entrepreneur.

This creates a whole other problem for beginning online content creators who are driven to start with this as a side hustle.

You can’t afford much in the way of time or tech, so how will you ever afford an assistant? What work can you outsource? How much will that cost?

Here’s where I come in as both a coach and successful content creator.

I combine the two and share my knowledge about personal development for content creators.

When I began creating content to support my coaching business, Destiny Architecture, in 2016, I began in chaos. I was working two jobs, exhausted, unhealthy, not living in a good neighborhood, I was only three years sober, I was clinging to not one—but two—dead careers, and guess what?

I had a dream. I knew I could and would get out.

I knew I deserved better and I knew I could do better.

So I enrolled at the Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts to earn my 100-hour coaching certification. I started my website,

(In 2022, I started this website you're on simply to offer personal development and coaching to content creators!)

I never thought it would be easy.. But I was determined.

I made every mistake there was. I wrote poor content about myself and my great experience—rather than what I could do for YOU as a coach.

I wasn’t consistent. Did I even write a blog once a month? Once every 3 months?

I was tired. I worked 8-hour days all week, then Friday and Saturday nights—ALL of that at low-paying jobs that emptied my well. There were lean years when I rarely had a car. I’d listen to personal development podcasts on the bus. I’d pour whatever I had left into my business.

Sometimes, there was nothing left. Sometimes, there were only fumes.

I’ve since come to realize that everything I do is better and finds more success when I pour into my own well first. I had to invest in myself first to be my best rather than sit down at my laptop first and perform work.

This was one of my toughest lessons to learn!

Self-care has looked different over the years. When I was busy, it looked like paying for my laundry to be done. When I was sick, it looked like taking time off and NOT working.

If you want to be a successful online content creator who’s in this for the long term, you have to build it into a lifestyle.

You need to stay consistently connected to yourself as much as you stay connected to the online content creation business you are seeking. In the beginning, it’s just that—seeking.

But you will get to where you want to be as long as you don’t give up or make all the mistakes I made.

I want to help you get there faster.

I want to help you master both online content creation and your system of personal development so that you can be your BEST self. That will help you bring forth your BEST creative content more than anything else.

Invest in yourself. Care for yourself AND your business. It’s a balance. There will be times when the business comes first.

But most of the time, you and your business will benefit from putting your personal development and self-care first.

I’m talking about your practices of:

• Reiki

• Yoga

• Meditation

• Journaling

• Exercise

• Rest

• Sleep

• Overall wellness

…and more.

As a coach, I balance these alongside content about—drumroll please—creating content.

I share what I’ve learned about online writing, content creation, working with data, and building your tech stack.

I help you save time and increase your focus.

I help you take better care of yourself so that you can accelerate your success as an online content creator. Everyone wants to join the creator economy. I help you do it BETTER so that you don’t get bogged down in your fears, inertia, or shiny object syndrome. I help you bust through self-defeating thoughts and change your beliefs followed up by action. I help you get ahead.

I help you approach online content creation the same way Steve Kerr approaches coaching Steph Curry. I’m a Kerr for content nerds!

I help you do all that so that you can be the architect of your destiny.

Because no one is going to do it for you. No one is coming to save you from that dead-end job (or jobs). No one else is going to help you truly “manifest” it with positive thoughts and daydreams. YOU have to do the work. I’m here to coach you through it with support, accountability, and expertise.

“Start where you are, with what you have. Make something of it and never be satisfied.” -George Washington Carver

I'm a certified transformational life coach and I offer one-on-one coaching sessions over Zoom.

Allow 50 minutes for our sessions. There will be homework! Most of your transformation will come from the work you do outside our calls.

Get started by booking directly to my calendar below. Start by booking a complimentary breakthrough session, and I'll be happy to meet with you over Zoom.

I'll help you create ONE simple action step you can take home and begin right away.

Your Coach, Heather Larson (Certified Life Coach & Usui Reiki Master)

Reiki Sessions in Wichita & Distance Reiki (Enkaku Chiryo) Via Zoom

I'm also offering distance Reiki sessions over Zoom for 25 minutes and $40 focusing on chakra balancing.

About Certified Transformational Life Coach Heather Larson

I'm a certified transformational life coach since 2017; Usui Reiki Master since 2014; a certified meditation teacher; a Boston University grad (BLS), and a lifelong learner. From 2015 to 2019, I worked as a sober coach under the State of Kansas guidelines as a para-professional in the addiction field. There was also some broadcasting in there somewhere, like 20+ years of it.

In progress: RYT-200

(200-hour yoga teacher training)