May Special: Mother's Day Rest & Restore

Give Mom the gift of rest & relaxation this Mother's Day with yoga, Reiki, and meditation tailored for her!

May Special: Mother's Day Rest & Restore

This one's for the mommas!

More specifically, this is for you to purchase for your mother. 😉

Give your mom the gift 🎁 of R&R! I'll guide her through a super-nourishing hour of:

• Gentle yoga

• A guided meditation

• A Reiki session

She will walk away with a yoga & meditation practice to take home to further her own mind-body wellness practice.

See when Mom has some time to come into the therapy room at Urban Wellness, purchase, and book her spot right here.

Or, purchase her a gift card so she can do it herself!

As a thank-you to you for being a great kid, you get 15% off gift cards of $50 or more!

I'm not going to pass any judgment if you stock up and purchase these for yourself—momma or not! This offer is only available through May!

What is the yoga practice that Mom takes home?

Here's an example of what I send home with clients—via email as my goal is to always go as paper-free in life as possible. (It's kinda my thing).

Since it's a PDF, it's going to be a large file, the same as the Monthly New Moon Meditation and Manifestation Practice journal I upload.

BTW, if you download the PDF and want to try the practice, you don't have to do every pose. Do what feels good. This is a gentle yoga practice.

Any questions, let me know!