I'm located inside Urban Wellness in Room 114A (Same room as Wildcrafted Skin Herbs with Jaci Villalobos!) We're in downtown Phoenix, Arizona at 7th and McDowell next door to The Giving Tree Cafe, Green Vegetarian, and Nami. (Cartel is across the street!)

I offer the same services (Reiki, aura clearing, teaching meditation, coaching, and private yoga to name a few) in person and online with ONE exception.

I only teach Reiki in person in Phoenix at Urban Wellness.

Want to work with me online? From wherever you are in the world? 🌎 You can sign up with me at my online school if you're ready 👇

Not sure yet? Want to meet first? We can talk about Reiki, coaching, your meditation practice, your yoga practice... Or your overall wellness plan and how I can help!