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What is Value For Value (#V4V)? And What Does it Have to do with Mind-Body Wellness?

On moving this site to a Value 4 Value format going forward...
What is Value For Value (#V4V)? And What Does it Have to do with Mind-Body Wellness?
Photo by Johannes Plenio / Unsplash

Value for Value is a simple model for giving and receiving value. (Aka, Value 4 Value or V4V).

In this model, we give something of value to the world in exchange for the world deciding how much value to give us in return.

For example, I've swapped this site to V4V:

All of the 50+ guided meditations I've recorded since early 2023 are now available here for FREE—they are no longer gated behind a subscription.

I hope you will find them valuable and therefore "tip" me in gratitude for the value you've received. 🫙

How To Do That?

There are a few easy ways on the site for you to send value back to me:

  1. To the left side of your screen, you'll see a bug for Mash. This lets you zap ⚡️ me (tip me) with a Bitcoin lightning payment.
  2. There's also a support page to tip in USD, where you can support my work via donation.
  3. Can't spare some sats or BTC? Leave a testimonial! These are a great way to thank me and support my work.

Yes, There's a Risk to V4V

The risk of V4V is that people will enjoy my work for free and not tip. It happens. It happens online and in real life.

But the reward is I help more people than I would if I kept my work behind a walled garden. I think those of us using the V4V model are seeing a greater return on our efforts.

Also, my work that's available free of charge is the tip of the iceberg of what I offer.

Value For Value In The Wild

I took V4V out into the wild for the first time for our Urban Wellness Spring Fest. More people paid me than not; all owere given the freedom to choose to do so.

What Value 4 Value looks like.

What Does Value For Value Have To Do With Mind-Body Wellness?

At Urban Wellness Spring Fest, we practitioners offered our services on a "pay what feels good" basis.

💡 A lightbulb went off for me—that's another way of saying Value 4 Value!

To make my life more congruent with being a V4V Bitcoiner, I choose to make this site V4V.

At Spring Fest, I could accept V4V payments via USD or BTC. I also showed off Wavlake, a V4V model for music. I even showed someone exactly how to zap ⚡️ a music track on Wavlake.

The Thing About Value For Value Is...

You actually have to offer value in this world.

No more resting on algorithms and current trends.

No more getting caught up in the current thing.

And, as a marketer, I'm proud to say no more marketing bro bullshit. 💫

V4V lets you weed out the suckas.

To all this, I say heck yes. 🙌

Enjoy some value, send some value.

It's not going to happen overnight.

I personally found this to be a slow mind shift.

But it's happening. There are many of us and our ranks are growing. Welcome. 🤗