About Heather Larson & Destiny Architecture® Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, & Life Coaching

I want to help you better your life with yoga, meditation, Reiki, and coaching in all the ways these things have helped me.
About Heather Larson & Destiny Architecture® Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, & Life Coaching

I'm here to help you be the architect of your own destiny through the mind-body wellness modalities of yoga, meditation, Reiki, and transformational life coaching.

I host the Destiny Architecture podcast.

My goal is to get you started meditating immediately—so that you can reap the benefits fast! (Which can be decreased stress, more self-awareness, and even physical benefits such as lowered blood pressure).

That's why I created the weekly guided audio meditations hosted here, on Spotify & on Apple Podcasts.

When you join here as a member, you receive far more benefits for the same price of $4.99/month:

🕉️ Weekly guided audio meditations so you can begin meditating by simply pushing play ▶️

🕉️ Access to the monthly group meditation I release prior to the New Moon 🌚 so you can set your manifestation intentions for the month.

🕉️ Discounts on Reiki, 1:1 meditation instruction, coaching, courses, and more

Every week, I help you meditate! 

YOU are the architect of your own destiny!

I offer Coaching, yoga, Reiki, and meditation 🧘‍♀️ as a certified transformational life coach, certified meditation teacher, & Reiki Master.

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