About Heather Larson & Destiny Architecture® Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, & Life Coaching

I want to help you better your life with yoga, meditation, Reiki, and coaching in all the ways these things have helped me.
About Heather Larson & Destiny Architecture® Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, & Life Coaching

I'm here to help you be the architect of your own destiny through the mind-body wellness modalities of yoga, meditation, Reiki, and transformational life coaching.

You know that inner work you've always wanted to do? I'll be your tour guide for that! ✈️ 🧳 🗺️ 🧭

I host the Destiny Architecture podcast and offer a Monthly New Moon 🌚 Meditation & Manifestation Practice right here on this site.

(Everything is "FREE" on the Value 4 Value model and zaps are appreciated!)

My goal is to get you started meditating immediately—so that you can reap the benefits fast! (Which can be decreased stress, more self-awareness, and even physical benefits such as lowered blood pressure).

That's why I created the weekly guided audio meditations along with my meditation course for beginners.

YOU are the architect of your own destiny!

I offer Coaching, yoga, Reiki, and meditation 🧘‍♀️ as a yoga teacher, certified transformational life coach, certified meditation teacher, & Reiki Master.

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Try My Favorites 👇

🍵 Natural Shilajit — This natural resin can help with detox, sleep, and more! Use code "HL" at checkout for 10% off!

🔮 The Tridevia Golden Foil 78-Card Tarot Deck with Enlightening Affirmations — a beautiful take on a classic tarot deck!

Teachable—the home of the Destiny Architecture® school!

I use CastMagic to create podcast show notes for the Destiny Architecture podcast.

Authory—create a polished, self-updating writing portfolio. Your bylines post to your profile automatically as they are published.

Moxie—tools for freelancers: payments, invoices, time tracking, CRM, client portal, and more.

Epidemic Sound—This is where I get the music for the guided meditations.

If you like the musical intro to the Destiny Architecture® podcast, thanks! I made that myself!

Teachable—The Destiny Architecture® School runs on Teachable.

Tummee—I love to use this software to create and organize my yoga sequences for classes!

Typeshare — An excellent way to start a content library of atomic essays and Twitter threads with convenient analytics so you can see whether your ideas 💡 are working for you or not. Autopublishes to Twitter, Typeshare, Medium, and LinkedIn for you! Get a free 30-day trial AND 50% off for 3 months by clicking here!

Best Self Journal by Best Self Co — This is my must-have daily planner and I've tried them all. Use the code "HEATLAR" for 15% off! Best Self Co. also offers digital planners.

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