Come on out to practice yoga with me!
Photo by David Whipple / Unsplash

I'm teaching yoga, meditation, and Reiki while also offering transformational life coaching. I offer a combination of in-person and online classes to serve you better.

Upcoming Destiny Architecture® Events with Heather Larson

I was at the ASU West Valley Market after the West Valley Forward 5K in January!

Yoga Classes

I'm teaching yoga for Torch Fitness at San Norterra; this class is exclusively for residents.

Check back soon for more!

Culture Shock! A Production of NOSTR PHX!

This one has nothing to do with yoga or Reiki, it's just for funsies.

I'm big on Bitcoin, NOSTR, hope, and freedom. Join us for a day of music from Wavlake indie artist Sarah Jade, education on Bitcoin, amazing food, and NOSTR education. We're covering value for value (V4V) and beginners to Bitcoin + NOSTR are welcome! There will be presenters all day and you get to meet the entire NOSTR PHX community.

Culture Shock is going to be a first-of-its kind event!

Join me on NOSTR! 

NPUB: npub1nl8r463jkdtr0qu0k3dht03jt9t59cttk0j8gtxg9wea2russlnq2zf9d0

NOSTR isn't a social platform, it's a protocol that lives along a series of relays that are uncensored and give you ownership of what you post. It's not a company. There's no CEO. No rules, no rulers.

You won't believe what people are building on NOSTR...