Thanks for signing up for the Destiny Architecture® Blueprint!

Thanks for signing up for the Destiny Architecture® Blueprint!
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I appreciate you signing up and reading the Destiny Architecture® Blueprint—a weekly newsletter written by me, Heather Larson (and not AI!)

🙏 As a thank-you, here's a copy of some of my mind-body wellness worksheets to see what I'm all about! 👇

The newsletter comes out every Monday morning and it's filled with a variety of content about mind-body wellness:

• Personal development (and self-care) created by me, Heather Larson, a certified life coach since 2017, and sober coach since 2015.

• Yoga: I'm a certified yoga teacher!

• Meditation teachings from me; I'm also a certified meditation teacher!

• Reiki; I've been practicing Reiki since 2012, a Reiki Master since 2014; and I'm always continuing my Reiki education.

It's all designed to help you create deeper mind-body wellness in your life.

This is for you—whether you're based where I am or working with me online from wherever you are.

I'll give you all my best tips & support on how to become the architect of your own destiny.

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The ($4.99/mp) paid membership gets you monthly New Moon 🌚 meditation & Manifestation Practice! Plus, a 69-page digital manifestation journal!

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Thank you 🙏

Heather Larson,

Certified Yoga Teacher, Certified Transformational Life Coach, Reiki Master, and Meditation Teacher

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This is me! Your new coach, Reiki Master, yoga teacher, and meditation teacher. Welcome to Destiny Architecture®, where you'll begin to practice regular and ever-evolving self-care in order to help you along your healing journey while also becoming a stronger vessel for the life you love—that you're already creating! 💚