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How to Get Your Self-Care Back On Track

How to Get Your Self-Care Back On Track

If your self-care is off-track and you need a way to reign it back in, you need to take some quiet time for yourself and turn inward. This is where the new self-care planner and workbook come in!

It’s not designed for one sitting.

This self-care planner and workbook is a journal you can come to daily as you carve out a new self-care routine or reinvigorate an old one.

But first, some guidelines:

You deserve self-care time

Everything flows so much better in life when you put yourself first. Take care of yourself and fill your well first before you empty it for others. I know society teaches us the opposite. And there are seasons of our lives when we must put others first (like the elderly, babies, and the sick).

But trust me when I say that this approach only works for so long.

Taking care of others may give you a life full of purpose. But at some point, a reckoning comes through a major life change, grief, illness, job loss—you name it. It’s inevitable. Radical self-care will then be the answer.

But it’s also the answer every single day.

Make the Time for Self-Care

This journal knows you don’t have massive amounts of time for self-care. Make an appointment with it. Carve out the time. Work on a page a day (or less, or more). There are exercises in here (15 of them!) to help you come back to yourself.

Check-in: What do you need? What do you want?

Continue getting to know yourself. Increase your self-awareness over time by adopting these exercises.

Learn Your Way

This self-care planner/workbook is built for you—no matter your learning style. There are personal development methods here to learn. These are tools or skills.

If you learn through tactile touch and having something tangible, then download this PDF and print it out to work through it with a pen. If you’re like me, and you’d rather keep the PDF in its electronic form so you can use it with an app like Notability, you can go that route as well.

Make Self-Care Simple So You Do It!

If self-care required 10 rituals, 3 books, and 9 podcasts…you wouldn’t do it. This is why many of us fall into the trap of thinking self-care is sheet masks and bath bombs. Self-care is much more than just fortune cookie sayings like, “Treat yourself” and “I’m worth it.”

We all wish we could buy self-care off the shelf! And yes, sometimes that 10-step skincare routine fills the well. Sometimes that nice, 90-minute massage does. But this is just surface self-care.

This guide helps you go deeper into it. Use this workbook to make self-care a habit for life. Self-care is a skill you’ll need through all stages and seasons of life. Start mastering it now!

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