The 5 Boundaries Every Reiki Practitioner Needs to Learn

The 5 Boundaries Every Reiki Practitioner Needs to Learn
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There are 5 boundaries every Reiki practitioner needs to learn in order to practice Reiki in the most empowering manner possible.

We don't speak enough about the issues of boundaries in the healing arts. Arguably, this is a space that needs this the most! So where do we begin?

With basic boundaries!

Boundary issues will not be fixed overnight. But here are five steps we can take to firm up our boundaries.

I originally wrote this series when I had a Patreon. I've re-written it for Typeshare and I'm now posting all 5 atomic essays here.
Respect Reiki and it will respect you. 

This is important: Reiki deserves our respect. Respect Reiki and it will respect you.

We can always say less. 

Say less, share less—when it comes to client experiences.

Another "say less" moment. 

Privacy, oversharing, and comparison all go together.

We learn this as little kids...but, we forget. 

This series was born out of my irritation with certain "spiritual" people who love to "tell your fortune." Do you know the kind? They walk up to you and claim you have "dark energy" only they can fix just to pressure you into a reading or energy work...

Or certain teachers who love to "be right" rather than support a student's exploration and evolution through empowerment.

One thing I won't do is tell you, "I told you so!" That's just not good coaching.

You get a lot of this weirdness in the spiritual and metaphysical space. Practicing better boundaries will prevent us from doing this to others. It will also make us harder marks for those who do this unknowingly.

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