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Happy 10th Sober Birthday to Me!

Happy 10th Sober Birthday to Me!

Wishing myself a happy 10 years? Yes! It may inspire you to get sober, celebrate your wins, or simply celebrate LIFE!

But what's in it for you?

Here's my pledge: everything here remains sobriety-friendly.

As a coach, Reiki Master, meditation teacher, and soon-to-be yoga teacher, my goal is to offer mind-body wellness to those who want it without ever lowering myself to shilling booze or drugs.

Destiny Architecture has always been and will always remain a safe place for sober folks.

I refuse to jump on trends like psychedelics, "plant medicine," "mommy wine time," etc. Whatever you call it, it is altering the mind state. As a sober person, I avoid this.

It gives me purpose and meaning to create a safe space for sober people to practice mind-body wellness.

I've refused to offer Reiki to intoxicated people for 9 years (and counting). I'd hate to see someone avoid a yoga class because it involved alcohol or mind-altering substances.

It makes me sad to see "yoga and wine" classes because people like myself feel excluded from them. I don't want sober people to feel left out; yoga is for you, it's for everyone!

My personal interpretation of Patanjali's yoga sutras is that mind-altering substances aren't allowed for yogis and that the practice of yoga isn't congruent with substance use/abuse. In fact, with all the tools of yoga at our disposal, we shouldn't need to alter our minds or opt for the "escape" mind-altering substances might be perceived to offer.

In truth, for many of us, they don't offer an escape. They offer much pain, suffering, and heartache. Using substances in a disordered way goes against everything spiritual practices are for: the release from pain and suffering!