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Meditation Membership

Each week, when it's 5 O'Clock somewhere, the Destiny Architecture Blueprint for Meditators will hit your inbox.

But it's more than just meditation—it's an opportunity for self-care!

Heather leads guided meditations that will get you started meditating immediately while learning a bit more about the practice of meditation each week.

There are already a lot of benefits to joining as a member! Not that the free newsletter isn't fire! 🔥 🔥 🔥 If you're really into your spiritual path, regularly practice meditation, and want regular Reiki sessions in Wichita or over Zoom, this membership is perfect for you. 

The first week's guided meditation is free to sample & there's also a free trial here and on Apple! 👇

Learn How to Meditate & Enhance Your Practice

Meditation Number 5: A Guided Meditation to Help You Release The Week’s Troubles

Meditation Number 4: The Basics (Subscriber Exclusive)

Guided Meditation #6: A Meditation to Help You Fall Asleep

Meditation #7: Sama Vritti