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Guided Meditations Led by Meditation Teacher Heather Larson

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Here are all the previous guided meditations recorded:

The basics of meditation.

Guided Meditation: A body scan to help you relieve tension

A Meditation to Help You Release The Week’s Troubles

A guided meditation to help you fall asleep

This meditation guides you in the practice of Sama Vritti, or "Box Breathing."

A meditation to set an intention to be relaxed, healthy, and nourished heading into your weekend.  

Guided meditation + Reiki session by proxy. This is Distance Reiki, which is Enkaku Chiryo in Japanese.

A Guided Audio Meditation to Help You Fall Asleep Quickly and Easily

Guided Meditation to Balance Your Chakras

Guided meditation for self-care

Guided meditation for anxiety

A guided meditation for when everything is f*cked up.

A guided Reiki meditation to promote healing.

Coming May 2023: A Monthly New Moon Group Meditation...

Announcement coming May 1!

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