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Guided Meditations Led by Meditation Teacher Heather Larson

Every month, I release an asynchronous monthly (New Moon 🌚) meditation here.

There's also now an in-person practice at Urban Wellness!

This website has 50+ guided meditations. I ungated them in March 2024 after going deeper into the #Value4Value rabbit hole.

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If you've wanted to meditate but aren't sure how to begin, let me help you. My course gets you started meditating immediately.

I show you different techniques with a series of audio lessons, video instruction, and a little bit of reading material. The course also comes with a 30-day digital meditation journal to help you track your progress and your learnings.

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Reach your meditation goals with 1:1 instruction. I can tailor your meditation practice to suit your unique needs, level of experience, and schedule.

New Guided Meditations in 2024

Guided Audio Meditation to Help You Open Your Heart

Guided Meditation for Sleep

Guided Meditation for the New Year 2024

🌚 New Moon Manifestation & Meditation Practice for January 2024 with a 69-Page Manifestation Journal

Meditation for Sleep!? It Depends! Listen to this guided meditation to help you sleep and answer a few questions if you're concerned that you fall asleep while meditating. (Don't worry, it's all good!)

Here are all the previous guided meditations recorded from 2023:

The basics of meditation.

Guided Meditation: A body scan to help you relieve tension

A Meditation to Help You Release The Week’s Troubles

A guided meditation to help you fall asleep

This meditation guides you in the practice of Sama Vritti, or "Box Breathing."

A meditation to set an intention to be relaxed, healthy, and nourished heading into your weekend.

Guided meditation + Reiki session by proxy. This is Distance Reiki, which is Enkaku Chiryo in Japanese.

A Guided Audio Meditation to Help You Fall Asleep Quickly and Easily

Guided Meditation to Balance Your Chakras

Guided meditation for self-care

Guided meditation for anxiety

A guided meditation for when everything is f*cked up.

A guided Reiki meditation to promote healing.

Guided Meditation for Career Changes

New Moon 🌚 Meditation May 18, 2023

Guided Meditation to help you quit smoking

There's always a barking dog! 🐕 How to deal with distractions during your meditation practice.

Guided Meditation for positive energy.

Stress reduction made easy—listen to this guided meditation practice and de-stress.

After 10 years of sobriety and 4.5 years working in the addiction field, this meditation teacher knows a few things about meditating for sobriety. Applying the principles or yoga, Reiki, coaching, and meditation, this guided meditation will help you use meditation as a tool for recovery.

Clear your energy field with this guided meditation from Reiki Master Heather Larson.

Embrace the Silence: A Guided Meditation for People Who Struggle with Traditional Practices

Guided Audio Meditation for a New Beginning

Meditation to Clear Your Mind

7 Chakras Guided Meditation

Fires of Change Meditation

7-Chakra Meditation Series

Charka Series Part 1: A Meditation for Your Root Chakra—Enhancing Your Connection to Earth: Uncover the Healing Energies of the Root Chakra.

Chakra Series Part 2: Flowing with Creativity—A Guided Meditation for the Sacral Chakra

Chakra Series Part 3: Igniting Your Inner Fire by Healing and Balancing the Solar Plexus Chakra

Chakra Series Part 4: Heart Chakra Guided Meditation—The Heart's Whispers, Unlocking Inner Guidance and Intuition with the Anahata Chakra

Chakra Series Part 5: Embracing Authentic Expression: Awakening the Potential of the

Chakra Series Part 6: Exploring the 6th Chakra: Unveiling the Secrets of the Third Eye with a Guided Meditation

Chakra Series Part 7: Finding Your True Nature: A Guided Journey Through the Crown Chakra

All 7 Chakras Guided Meditation

More guided meditations

Healing the Broken Heart: A Journey of Self-Compassion and Inner Strength

Monthly New Moon 🌚 Meditation For October

A Guided Meditation to Help with Energy & Motivation

7 FREE Guided Meditations to Help Beginning Meditators

Guided Meditation to Find Peace: Managing Intrusive Thoughts and Rumination

Pre-Holiday Stress Relief: Guided Meditation for a Peaceful Season with Family

New Moon 🌚 Meditation for 11-13-23

A Guided Meditation for Anyone Struggling with Sobriety Over Thanksgiving

New Moon Meditation & Manifestation Practice for December 2023 👇

Meditate Your Way to Better Communication During Mercury Retrograde with this Guided Meditation

New Moon Meditation & Manifestation Practice for December 2023

Membership to Destiny Architecture™ Gives You A Monthly New Moon Group Meditation...

Starting with the first New Moon 🌚 meditation, here's a taste of the New Moon 🌚 Meditation + Manifestation content.

I offered two of these sessions for free to start us out this spring/summer.

This was the New Moon 🌚 Meditation and Manifestation practice from June.

Thank you 🙏 for meditating today. You just made the world 🌎 a better place!