How To Practice Reiki

I ran a Reiki business from 2014-2023 in Wichita. I learned things along the way I'd like to share with those who may want to start offering Reiki sessions professionally.

How To Practice Reiki
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Have you been wondering how you can practice Reiki? Maybe you're wondering how to create your own personal Reiki practice... If you're wondering where to begin, let's begin at the beginning.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an intelligent life force energy that promotes healing and relaxation. The Reiki practitioner serves as a channel from Source to bring energy to the person receiving it.

In Reiki, we believe each person has the free will to receive Reiki if they want it and, therefore, won't receive it if they don't. So Reiki can never be sent to someone without their consent—that's the intelligence of Reiki.

How Can I Practice Reiki?

There are a variety of ways to practice Reiki and there are dozens of styles of it as many have commandeered it for profit. If you want to practice Reiki, you can find a practitioner to give you a session or class to become a Reiki practitioner.

If you are already a Reiki practitioner, then you can practice Reiki by laying your hands on yourself or others and set the intention that Reiki will flow.

There are other ways to practice Reiki, such as Enkaku Chiryo, or Distance Reiki. This is when the practitioner sends Reiki across time and space.

You can also practice Reiki principles if you are not yet a Reiki practitioner but want to give it a try. For example, you can practice any or all the Reiki precepts and incorporate them into your life.

Can I learn Reiki online?

No, a complete Reiki class cannot be taught online. Attunements cannot be given online and that is the most important aspect of passing the energy from teacher to student.

(Though some have done this, it's not the proper or traditional way. In fact, those who do this are likely weakening their connection to Reiki as it has traditionally been taught and handed down from teacher to student).

You can learn about Reiki online but you cannot be attuned to Reiki online by a respectable teacher.

What Reiki can be conducted online?

Distance Reiki (Enkaku Chiryo) sessions can be conducted online or by phone. Reiki academics, such as techniques or history, can be learned online or by reading. Reiki shares are also possible online.

Coming soon...

I'll be offering the academic portion of Reiki online through this site for those who want to learn. If enough are interested, I can start hosting an online Reiki share.

I'll be offering support for Reiki practitioners because I find many want to practice but don't keep up with it after completing an initial Reiki course. I also ran a Reiki business from 2014-2023 in Wichita, Kansas. I learned a few things along the way I'd like to share with those who may want to start offering Reiki sessions professionally.

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