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I offer the following online courses in Reiki, yoga, and meditation:

Meditation For Beginners

Come into the present with me and learn simple meditation techniques. I'll take you through several guided meditations after teaching you the very basics of what meditation is and how it will benefit you.

You can use these guided meditations to meditate with. Some of them will teach you techniques you'll be able to pick up and practice on your own without them.

This course is a mix of good stuff to read, videos, and audio.

While Yoga Nidra isn't exactly meditation, I included a recording of a Yoga Nidra practice so you can experience how yogic sleep feels. You will feel so rested from it!

Reiki 1 Class Bonuses (Free Course with Bonus Materials for Reiki Students)

I don't teach Reiki online, but did want to offer a series of free bonuses to students and those who are thinking of becoming students.

If that's you, this course will help you:

  • Decide whether Reiki is the path for you
  • Learn more about what Reiki 1 entails
  • Enrich your learning with more information about how to practice Reiki
  • Learn some Reiki history and background information
  • Practice self-Reiki
  • Begin to practice Reiki on those closest to you by exercising the 5 main Reiki boundaries.

Online Yoga Classes

Coming soon!