🌟 Make it Your Summer of Healing Energy & Meditation⚡️ The Destiny Architecture Blueprint 7/5/23

You will now also receive 10% off Private Meditation Instruction with me! I just added this service this week because I know sometimes, you don't want to learn in a group and that's OK.

🌟 Make it Your Summer of Healing Energy & Meditation⚡️ The Destiny Architecture Blueprint 7/5/23
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How about a chance to come together with like minds to set manifestations for the coming month? I just started a New Moon 🌚 Meditation for members at a low cost of $4.99/month.

You get the New Moon Group Meditation experience on Zoom. It's totally OK if you can't attend. You'll gain access to the recording after it's over. I hold this as close to the moment of the new moon as possible to give the most energy to the manifestations you desire.

When you subscribe, you also receive access to the weekly guided audio meditations here at DestinyArchitecture.net. You also receive discounts on coaching & Reiki!

Together, these meditations help you bake practice into your life.

I want to make it easy and affordable (in time, money, and energy) to start a solid foundation for your spiritual practices—or reconnect with new energy after time away.

✨ Here's what's new with the membership:

You will now also receive 10% off Private Meditation Instruction with me! I just added this service this week because I know sometimes, you don't want to learn in a group and that's OK.

This is for when you want private, tailored instruction. Maybe you struggle with neurodivergence, stress, grief, free time—you name it. If it's not something you want to talk about in a group, you can opt for a one-on-one learning experience with me.

Here's what you receive for just $4.99/month when you subscribe through DestinyArchitecture.net:

  • A weekly 10-minute guided audio meditation delivered on Fridays
  • Access to ALL previous guided meditations
  • Monthly LIVE Meditation on Zoom
  • 10% off courses & downloads
  • 10% off Reiki Days in Wichita at White Dove
  • 10% off Distance Reiki Sessions Online
  • 10% off Coaching Sessions & Packages
  • 10% off Private Meditation Instruction

You can subscribe through Apple or Spotify for the weekly guided meditations for the same price, but you won't gain access to the New Moon 🌚 Meditation & extras.

July's New Moon 🌚 Meditation for Members will be Monday, July 17 at 5:00 PM Central on Zoom

Join on Zoom for a meditation & manifestation practice under the natural energy of the New Moon 🌚

Hit the subscribe button now so you don't miss it!

July’s New Moon 🌚 Meditation for Members
Join me for a New Moon 🌚 Meditation on Monday, July 17 at 5:00 pm Central.I’ll send out Zoom call info to members only closer to that date. I’ll lead a meditation we can do together for about 20 minutes followed by a manifestation practice.

Reiki Again On Saturday, July 15

I'll be off this weekend for some R&R, but I'll see you again for chakra-balancing and healing-promoting Reiki on 7/15.

Chakra-balancing Reiki happens on the final Saturday of each month—with a few extra dates mixed in as I can—at White Dove in Wichita!

Walk-ins are always welcome. White Dove is located at 2947 E. Kellogg (on the frontage road). You can always call us at (316) 262-3683 or email me directly to hold your spot at destinyarchitecture@gmail.com.

Sessions last 25 minutes and cost $40. I accept cash, card, CashApp, and Bitcoin lightning ⚡️ payments.

Ask me about aura cleansing and healing attunements!

Reiki Summer Pass for Sale Through July 15th

Receive 6 sessions for the price of 5 and make Reiki a consistent experience this summer. Dive deeper into your healing path, relax, and get out of the heat.

You can combine sessions into 1-hour sessions if you'd like. You can also mix and match in-person sessions with Distance Reiki (Enkaku Chiryo) sessions. Yes, you can also do ALL Distance Reiki sessions too—which can be more flexible with your schedule.

Don't wait, this deal expires on July 15th!

Summer Reiki Club 2023 $199 — Destiny Architecture
Join the summer Reiki Club for 2023! Get 6 Reiki sessions, a $240 value, for just a one-time payment of $199. Save money this summer while keeping your focus on self-care, your spiritual path, and the healing journey you’re on. Good for six Reiki sessions at 25 min each between June 3-September 22

New In Store: Longer Reiki Sessions & Private, One-On-One Meditation Instruction with Me

If you've ever wanted an hour-long Reiki session, I'm making those available for $75.

For when you want to learn how to meditate or dive deeper into your practice, I'm now offering private meditation instruction. Sessions will last up to one hour and cost $40.

The Reiki Healing Pathway is an aura cleanse, healing attunement, and a Reiki session altogether for one powerful experience. I call it the Reiki Healing Pathway. This is for when you have a very specific issue to heal and desire to clear what blocks you. Reiki promotes this healing as long as you're willing to work to clear the issue for good. This is done only in-person.

The Destiny Architecture store is open 24/7 with downloads, Reiki, coaching, and mediation services!

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5 Ways To Make Your Self-Care Time Non-Negotiable

If you want more time for self-care, here's how to find it.

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The Latest Meditation for Subscribers:

In our latest episode of Destiny Architecture's Guided Meditation, I dive deep into the transformative practice of meditation for sobriety.

I give a talk before the meditation where I share my personal journey and I reflect on my own experiences with addiction, recovery, and the power of self-care.

Hitting rock bottom is not a prerequisite for embarking on the journey of recovery. You can change at any time. Listen and learn about the connection between substance abuse and hindering personal growth.

Addiction disconnects individuals from their mind, body, energy, hopes, dreams, and overall health. Here's where meditation, Reiki, and yoga come in. These practices reconnect us. ❤️‍🩹

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