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As I say in the video above, you can enjoy a new meditation each weekend at your leisure. If I were to release it during the week, you'd probably lose it in endless to-dos and workday busyness. This is why I'm releasing it on Fridays at 5:00! I want you to have the entire weekend for this meditation in hopes🤞 you'll do it a few times.

I highly encourage you to listen to each podcast more than once to use each week's meditation for your practice. Look at each week's podcast as a relaxing weekly meditation you can practice with in order to gain skill at meditating. 2-3x is pretty good, but once can be enough. I'm super proud of you for meditating at all.

Meditation can be challenging, so celebrate every practice. Every practice is a win—especially the ones we think "suck." Show up anyway.

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