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3 Simple (FREE of Low-Cost) Tools That Will Help You Meditate Daily as a Busy Woman Who Thinks She Has No Time To Meditate

3 Simple (FREE of Low-Cost) Tools That Will Help You Meditate Daily as a Busy Woman Who Thinks She Has No Time To Meditate

You want to meditate for its many benefits, but you're having trouble finding the time because you're busy.

A daily meditation practice benefits your health, mindset, and will help you relax. Meditation also rewires your brain and will help you focus.

But many women blow it off despite these benefits because they believe they're simply "too busy."

There Are Several Ways To Get Started with a Daily Meditation Habit

Meditation doesn't have to cost you anything. Here's how to get started for free (or cheap) so you can set this habit up for success in your life.

Tool #1: Use Your Phone's Stopwatch App to Set a Timer

Your phone already has one, so this costs you $0. Plus, this will help you start small.

Start by setting the stopwatch for 1 minute of meditation each day and build up gradually after a week. Just get into making time in your day for your 1-minute meditation ritual.

Tool #2: Download the Insight Timer App

Download—and use—the free plan that comes with the Insight Timer app.

While this app does offer a subscription, it's free to all. Insight offers many guided meditations for when you want to branch out into meditations that are a few minutes long—or longer.

There are other apps that offer meditation, like Calm or even Fitbit.

Tool #3: Meditation Music

If neither of the above is right for you, simply try slowing your breathing while listening to relaxing music.

You can find meditation music playlists on Apple Music, Spotify, or YouTube. These playlists may even include guided meditations.

The key is to find a simple way to begin so that you can create a daily habit!

BONUS: #4—Need a Little More Help Getting Started with Meditation?

I started a guided meditation podcast that gives you a healthy, substance-free way to start your weekend—with meditation!

A new guided meditation comes out every Friday on Apple, Spotify, Anchor, and DestnyArchitecture.net. You don’t have to “know how to meditate” in order to begin. Just push play.

Here’s a sample and a link to Apple podcasts so you’ll subscribe. This is a low-cost way to make meditation a weekly habit (if not daily).

Want more information before you subscribe?