6 Myths I Used To Believe Which Held My Career Back

6 Myths I Used To Believe Which Held My Career Back

This is a longer version of today’s 🚢 #Ship30for30 essay, which is under 300 words! Here it is:

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The reason I’m sharing my Ship30 journey here is twofold:

  1. I’m writing about personal development topics that serve my coaching clients who read this blog. That’s YOU!
  2. I preach consistency! It’s part of my COMET Goals framework! I love habit streaks and consistency. Now, you can follow along and watch me be consistent in real time.

6 Myths I Used To Believe Which Held My Career Back

  1. I truly believed I couldn’t be creative in any field other than radio. I really thought “being on air” in radio was the only path to creativity. I didn’t realize you can be creative on any/every path.
  2. I’d apply for jobs thinking, “For sure, they will see my resume/experience and realize how talented I am!” Nope! It’s truly: Skills > Talent.
  3. I didn’t realize that I could be treated well. Without exposure to healthy company cultures and good treatment, how do you learn it’s even available? I only knew one thing: toxic corporate culture. I didn’t know all jobs weren’t that way! Pivoting to social work in 2015 changed my life.
  4. I believed early on that I needed outside validation to be a writer. I thought that this meant I needed a writing career in which I was paid to write for other people.
  5. My ego got in the way. I believed my ego, which thought it couldn’t possibly do anything but broadcasting & journalism for a career. My ego also told me my career needed to be tied to very expensive college degrees. Needless to say, that ego no longer drives this car! 🚗
  6. I believed “having a job any job” was respectable. This led to my staying too long in low-paying jobs which led to the poverty cycle. Yes, any job is still better than no job. But don’t unpack and move in there! Those low-paying jobs steal your time, which prevents up-skilling. Always go where you’re encouraged to grow and leave places that have a growth ceiling—or where others are threatened by your growth.

Consistency Will Do More For You Than Most Things

Today marks the 39th day in a row I have written & published my writing online (in various places, not just this blog). This venture, which I named #ContentStorm on Twitter, actually helped lead me to Ship30.

Prior to this current project, in which I publish online daily for 90 days, I was writing daily in November for NaNoWriMo.

So technically, I have written every single day since November!

This is just the 39th day in a row I’ve put writing out into the world for others to see.

I’ve seen improvements in my life from this consistency like more confidence, improved mood, pride in my work, a growing audience that gives feedback, and more happiness! Did I mention I wrote a novel in November? So don’t underestimate the power of creating consistent habits! That’s why consistency is the “C” in my COMET Goals Framework!

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