Will you rise to meet this occasion?

Will you rise to meet this occasion?

Will you rise to meet this occasion?

It’s a dark time. Will you do what is asked of you?

Because I have a feeling much will be asked of us over the next couple months or longer. The pandemic here in the U.S. is worse than it was when we began staying at home as a nation. I don’t want to tell you how many people in my life right now are sick with COVID-19, but I can tell you I am both concerned and terrified as our county infection rate is around 25% now.

I have a feeling most of us will be asked to do things we aren’t prepared for or have no idea how to do. There’s no way to prepare or be ready. We are taking the test without being given the material first. While it’s not our choice, it’s life’s demand of us.

Ask yourself, will you rise to the occasion?


Will you believe in yourself knowing you were put on this planet at this very time to deal with this very thing — this global crisis and constant threat? Will you know that you are enough deep in your bones? You don’t need a title and your journey doesn’t need to be christened. The ship is out of the harbor now.

We are, quite unceremoniously, in the fight of our lives.

Will you fight in ways that don’t look like battle, like wearing a mask, staying home, avoiding gatherings, holidays, and all we hold dear for the greater good?

Will you sacrifice like our grandparents and great-grandparents did to bring us here (if you come from an immigrant family as I do?) We may feel as if we are giving up so much, as if what is being asked of us is far too much and it is. It’s true — too much is being asked of us.

But the exchange is life. We give up family dinners and religious gatherings now — and in return — we get to save lives. We GET TO save lives.

This is why we are here, in this now, on this planet together at this very moment. We are here to save each other’s lives.

That’s it. That’s all. That’s everything.

We may serve no greater purpose. We maybe won’t ever be presented with an opportunity like this ever again in our lifetimes. Hopefully not — because none of us would choose this. We’d rather go back to the way things were, right?

But that’s not going to happen and we all know it.

The opportunity to save lives is only the first one. The next opportunity, which isn’t greater in size, is to create a new way of life. A future way of life. We are here to survive this and move into a new era in which we value the lives of others so much that we begin to see outside ourselves and our daily troubles. There’s no opportunity greater than that of saving lives. But second to that, we have the chance to create a better way to live for all.

In that better way, we are co-creating with the type of care and altruism that can only be born of a crisis of this magnitude. Realize the immense scale of what lies before us. Realize the immensity of the tasks ahead. Realize this is a moment in time — with its global scale and exponential math to describe the spread of a brand-new virus — that is so powerful.

But so are we.

We no longer need to be self-focused, selfish consumers. We can realize our primary concerns should be above and bigger than material needs. Nothing before has ever shown us how powerful our connection to one another is — as we sit in isolated disconnectedness. We may be far apart for safety, but our hearts are bared more and more.

May we continue to allow our hearts to bend, break, and grow. It’s the only way to rise and meet this worldwide occasion. The more we cry and feel, the better we will navigate this new time.

May we rise to this occasion. May we meet it fearlessly and selflessly as if we were to stand toe to toe with the devil himself — and laugh. We aren’t just here to defeat this virus. We’re here to change everything. We’re here to change the course we are on. We’re here to change the course the planet is on. We’re here to change history.

In each moment, with each choice, we are doing it.

So will you rise to the occasion and meet it?

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The pandemic is hell. But it's showing us we are all interconnected. Will you rise to meet it? Will you take this opportunity to save lives and create a better world?