A Change of Perspective Can Help You More Than Most Things

Happy August/Leo ♌️ Season!

How To Shift Your Mindset

We all want to change our lives, but what if real change isn't possible anytime soon?

This is for you if you're feeling stuck in a season of life that isn't changing soon—like a job you know is headed nowhere, or a family role you're not happy in (like being an end-of-life caregiver or parent to a newborn who lacks sleep).

I've been there. You're exhausted and you know change will come—but not before you're spent.

All you need to change is your perspective in order to begin. 

I know telling you to "change your perspective" sounds like toxic positivity.

Personally, I hate the 'Positivity Pollyanna" types who tell you that you just need to change your attitude. Or the people who tell you about the "Law of Attraction" and that you just need to "manifest" what you want.

Sometimes, we need someone to burst our bubble with radical acceptance.

That's a healthy change in perspective.

Give yourself a hand for making it through each day as you begin to get in touch with the improvements you want to make in your life.

Then start showing up consistently over time. (Hence the video above; showing up consistently each day, month, and year is what change takes. Change is boring, not glamorous).

I know if it's easy come, then it's easy go.

The best things in life require work.

If you need help figuring out what you want, that's what a coach is for.

If you need help setting goals and creating a plan of action, that's what a coach is for.

If you need help changing careers, applying for jobs, practicing interviews, and improving your LinkedIn profile, that's what a coach is for.

If you need help up-skilling so you can change careers, that's what a coach is for.

It's me, I'm that coach 😉

Let's meet up and help you start moving forward 👇