A Guided Audio Meditation to Help You Fall Asleep Quickly and Easily

A Guided Audio Meditation to Help You Fall Asleep Quickly and Easily

by Meditation Teacher Heather Larson

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You will set intentions to fall asleep quickly and easily during this meditation. You’ll practice letting go and releasing the day you had. You’ll also practice breathing through your chakras as you begin to let go and lean into sleep.

This guided meditation features one gentle ring of the singing bowl at the beginning. There is no ring at the end as you will hopefully be asleep.

The objective of this meditation isn’t to teach you your chakra system, so don’t worry if you don’t know them (or don’t care to learn them). Knowledge of them can be a tool. Practicing meditation with these recordings regularly will also teach you about your chakras and physical anatomy over time.

Always the battle during meditation is to remain focused on your breath rather than becoming pulled into thoughts that may occur. You want to get out of the habit of your head hitting the pillow and then having intrusive thoughts come in like an unwelcome parade. This meditation will help you do that. You’re resetting for rest and restful sleep at the end of the day. Thinking isn’t a part of that. Let go. Practice letting go.

The practice is always to refocus on the breath. You can do that by visualizing your breath flowing through your body and/or chakras as you’re guided during this meditation for sleep.

There is a backing track that is more a white noise track for sleep than a music track. It should help you block out background noise whether you’re using speakers, headphones, or just letting a phone or tablet play this meditation track in the room.

*I’ve already recorded another guided meditation for sleep that features a music track. Your homework is to experiment and find out which works better to help you fall asleep. Is it the meditation with the relaxing music track? Or this meditation with the white noise backing track behind it? Once you know this information, it will help you continue to create better sleep hygiene practices going forward!

The meditation is 13 minutes long with an extra minute of white noise at the end to help you drift off to sleep.

Fall asleep quickly and easily
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