A Guided Meditation for Anyone Struggling with Sobriety Over Thanksgiving

Navigating Thanksgiving: A Meditation for Those on the Sober Path

A Guided Meditation for Anyone Struggling with Sobriety Over Thanksgiving
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Welcome to another episode of Destiny Architecture®, the podcast that supports you in designing a life of purpose and fulfillment. In today's episode, titled "A Guided Meditation for Anyone Struggling with Sobriety over Thanksgiving," we dive into a heartfelt meditation created by Heather Larson, a meditation, yoga, and reiki teacher who understands the challenges of maintaining a sober lifestyle during the holiday season.

Heather shares her own journey of sobriety, highlighting the importance of finding peace and self-worth amidst the temptations and pressures that come with Thanksgiving gatherings. This is not your typical 12-step meditation; instead, Heather offers a secular approach that focuses on cultivating gratitude and connecting with one's higher self.

Join us as we explore ways to navigate through Thanksgiving, whether you're newly sober or seeking to maintain a moderate lifestyle. Discover how to embrace the present moment, set intentions, and build a life that supports your sobriety journey. Through this episode, we aim to provide comfort, guidance, and inspiration for anyone struggling with substance abuse during the holiday season.

So, grab a seat, close your eyes if you can, and get ready to embark on a transformational meditation experience that will help you stay present, find gratitude, and reinforce the belief that you are worth a fulfilling, sober holiday. Welcome to Destiny Architecture. Let's begin.

A Guided Meditation for Anyone Struggling with Sobriety Over Thanksgiving

Time Stamps:

01:54 Finding sobriety during Thanksgiving – different paths.

03:13 Stay away from substances, be grateful.

09:29 Believe in yourself and be present.

10:29 You are worth it, stay strong.

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