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Announcing The New Monthly Wellness Club!

Ready to make wellness a part of your daily life? With the help of an expert every step of the way?
Announcing The New Monthly Wellness Club!

I'm excited to announce a brand-new offering—the Destiny Architecture® Wellness Club!

In a time of endless monthly subscription fees, here's one you'll actually want.

It's an absolute smoke show of a deal for working with me privately:

🔥 You receive two coaching sessions a month (I recommend one to set up your monthly wellness plan and to use the other as a follow-up or however you want. Your second session could center around yoga, Reiki, or meditation if you don't require coaching that month).

🔥 You get the Meditation for Beginners course to help you build that practice.

🔥 You also get one Reiki session a month for 30 minutes. (This can be in-person at Urban Wellness in Phoenix, or it can be Distance Reiki online or by phone).

🔥 Bonuses like the self-care digital planner, a guided meditation to help you Relax & Unwind, and a 30-day meditation journal.

🔥 Access to the online Destiny Architecture® Community.

The best part is this works no matter where you're located in the world. 🌎 You can have sessions 100% online. Or, you can come into my office at Urban Wellness in downtown Phoenix, Arizona!

Step into my office and let's get you healing!

🧭 I Offer Two Distinct Healing Paths

It's a kind of "choose your own adventure" around here. 😉

Adventure #1

You're on a spiritual path. You're working on your intuition and reading energy. I got you! 😉

Adventure #2

You want help with less spiritual and more Earthly matters. You want to work on mindset, boundaries, and changing habits/behaviors in a more practical way.

And, of course, maybe you're open to both... Which is fine, too!

🥊 Why Work With Me?

I'm a wellness warrior. I know what it's like to recover from setbacks with nothing more than will & determination. But, as a person in long-term recovery, I also know willpower is often not enough. Habits & discipline can step in where "motivation" falls flat.

I also walk a spiritual path. How deep down the rabbit hole do you want to go? 😉

I'm a lot of things, but at my core, I'm a fighter. I fight for what's right and let heart & soul guide the way. I work with you energetically and spiritually (always). I read energy and share my downloads with you as we work.

Oh yes, it's a co-creation!

Your best insights are within you. I just help you read them. 🔥 🌎 ⭐️

Nice to meet you! I'm Heather Larson, a yoga teacher, Reiki teacher, meditation teacher, and coach in Phoenix, Arizona.