9 Attitude Shifts You Can Adopt to Make 2018 Great

9 Attitude Shifts You Can Adopt to Make 2018 Great

Have a phenomenal and fearless 2018. Experience big life shifts as you incorporate the attitude shifts below!

When in doubt, surrender it out!.jpg

Know what?

Shift happens!

1. Play big in the world.

In what ways can you up-level your life? How can you play bigger? What is keeping you playing small in certain areas of your life?

Dare to dream bigger. Put what feels “impossible” on your vision board right now. I put an $8,000,000 million dollar home on mine. Impossible? The question I ask myself is do I want to live a renter-for-life type of existence or do I think I can live in an $8,000,000-home kind of way? Is my life a piece of newsprint to color with crayons or a fabulous canvas with every color of oil paint in existence?

2. You deserve it!

Also, do I deserve the rental or the huge home? What do I deserve? The answer is, “I deserve it!” Whatever your “it” is, remember: you do deserve it. You have worth and value — so do your ideas. Who is to say we all don’t have an $8,000,000-idea within us? Or several? Look at Oprah.

3. Stop Freaking Out. Meditate.

Do we need to keep rolling excessive thoughts around in our heads? It’s 2018 and we have so much available to us. Do we need to keep clinging to anxious thoughts, worry, hurt, and pain? Or can we take the courage to step forward into a new place of silence within ourselves — the place where the answers are?

Playing big in the world and knowing we deserve it means we deserve silence. We deserve to shut down our thoughts and step into the space within. Courage is about trusting ourselves and knowing the answers are there when we sit still for them to come.

3. Self-care is paramount!

If you’re new to the Destiny Architect life, let me initiate you. We DA’s take care of ourselves. We refuse to be dragged into others’ bullshit. We put ourselves first. We take care of ourselves. We eat right, rest, exercise, get haircuts, see doctors, have boundaries, and all those other delicious things that mean we are taking care of ourselves. We let go of fear. We create. We meditate. We let go. We do what it takes to take care of ourselves. Who is going to do it for us? What are we waiting for?

Radical self-care. Do it. Do it now!

4. Yes you can. Yes we can. Si se puede.

Did you just give a reason you can’t? No copouts. No excuses. Relentlessly follow your dreams. Even when we have a crappy day — don’t give up. Remember what you are doing to reach your goals and why. You can do it. Yes, you can.

5. Happiness and fulfillment are my choices, my priorities determine my choices & actions.

We can’t buy happiness. It’s pointless waiting for it. Make today great. You can. Yes, you can! It’s your choice to be happy and fulfilled. You do it by letting go of fear, living deliciously, creatively, and confidently.

Want to make it happen? Put it first. Make it a priority. Priorities lead to commitment, commitment leads to action, action leads to change and THINGS GETTING DONE!

Do happiness. Haven’t you finished with sorrow and being lame by now? (Yes, I am a very blunt life coach!)

6. When in doubt, surrender it out!

Don’t knock my 12-step ethos tim you try it. It saved my life — and the lives of millions. This spiritual idea can be found in Scripture and most spiritual teachings I’ve come across. It’s been repeated in every spiritual house of worship I’ve attended, every religion I’ve heard of, and it has to do with faith.

Surrender is a practice.

When your life is filled with fear and doubt — surrender it out.

Letting go is freedom.

7. I’m no slave, it’s OK to outsource things.

I’m planning to outsource as much as I can this year, one step at a time. The first thing getting outsourced is laundry. I simply do not have a goal in my life congruent with being a laundry master when I grow up. It’s a time suck. I can pay someone to do this.

We don’t even have to grocery shop anymore with the technology we have today.

If this stuff had been around in my mother’s day, you bet she’d be all over it! Let’s enjoy these magical times.

8. I will always remember my “why” and keep it top of mind.

WHY do you want it? Remember your WHY. Because when you’re tired as hell, mentally and emotionally spent on your hardest day this year, the thought of quitting will cross your mind. So keep that WHY posted in a place where you are reminded of it. Don’t give up. Keep your motivation close.

9. I am going new places this year

Oh, the places you’ll go! It’s more than just a children’s book. You really are going places — if you let yourself. Get out of your own way, lose the fear, do all of the above, and the travel will take care of itself. Fearless living means your ticket is bought, bags are packed, and wheels up!

I don’t mean this completely in the geographical sense. Imagine what will come your way if you surrender and improve your life! Imagine the invitations coming your way, the magical detours, the moments of creative fire, the “A-Ha!” moments, the love and laughter… So many new gifts and blessings are coming your way….

Happy 2018!

-Certified Life Coach, Heather Larson

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