Biggest Waste of Time in Your 20s? Partying.

Biggest Waste of Time in Your 20s? Partying.

I spent years being a party girl.

I was the teenager roaming the streets looking for a good time, the drunk girl hiccuping at the nightclub—hell, I found a way to get paid for nightclubbing! Not only that, but I even partied with a few rock stars (no one A-list).

It was fun at the time. However, I don't remember much of it.

If you're doing this, you have no idea how much time & energy you're wasting

You think you do, but you have no idea!

I don't need to tell you about hangovers & dehydration. Your 20s are hardly the best earning years in your career, but they are what set you up for those years. Get hooked into drinking & partying and you're ripping off your future.

This is a low-time preference issue.

You're Not Going To Have This Amount of Energy Again

In your 20s, you have energy without even trying.

You can pull all-nighters, 5 jobs, and 2 internships. That changes as you age or start a family and end up sleep-deprived with little ones at home.

FACT: children ruin your sleep.

If you're partying, you're meeting the wrong people.

I'm friends with very few people I partied with during my teens & 20s.

This decade of your life is better spent making solid friends and networking your way to business mentors. Party people are gone once the keg runs dry.

You're flushing money down the toilet

You could stay home, avoid the hangover, and flush dollars down your toilet and have the same results from nightclubbing.

Was a lot of my partying back then funded by clients and record labels? Yes. But the damage is still the same to my lost productivity, momentum, networking, and learning.

Know what else, partying too much in your 20s ruins?

Your reputation.