Cheers to the shadow work -- and those who do it

Cheers to the shadow work -- and those who do it
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In a recent blog, I mentioned how each of us is always responsible for the energy which we bring into the room. In every situation, we choose what energy we bring to it.

If you arrive at a session with me in some obviously bad energy, a bad mood, a negative viewpoint — I will ask you to change it. (By “arrive” I also mean logging onto a session online with me).

Especially if you arrive to a group function I am hosting (in person or online), DO bring the good stuff. Your best stuff. The positive stuff. If you don’t, and if you can’t change it up, then be prepared to delve into your shadow. There are no free rides out of shadow work when the shadow walks in ahead of you to tell me, “This person is swimming in darkness right now.” Face the shadow, do the work, and deal with it — whatever it takes. I’m here for the shadow! Shadow work is where it’s at, folks. If you haven’t done it, let’s get to it.

I understand the shadow. The shadow is as multifaceted as our light. We need both sides to do the work. It’s not all “love and light” here at Destiny Architecture Life Coaching. If you bring some dark, guess what? We. Are. Going. There.