Day 6 of Yoga For Beginners: Half-Standing Forward Bend

We just keep going, one bite-size blueprint at a time.

Yoga class is hard.

It's physically demanding but also comes with new words in Sanskrit. You're in a room of sweaty bodies wondering, "Am I doing this right?" Some studios offer mirrors, too—which can be good or bad depending on what that means to you.

Add in the stuff that somehow gets piled on in the West like what clothing to wear and the baggage left over from years of what Instagram yogis have done to this space...

I want to take away all that pressure and confusion. Let's get back to basics:

  • What yoga is
  • How to do it safely
  • Why we're doing it
  • The many benefits physically, mentally, and spiritually

I'll do that by offering one yoga (and meditation) blueprint at a time!