How to Become the Architect of Your Own Destiny In Life + Business ⚡️ The Blueprint for 4/4/22

This week's exclsuives incude a download to help you change your mind's subconscious habits as well as an exclusive for content creators who want to get paid as freelance writers!

How to Become the Architect of Your Own Destiny In Life + Business

Welcome to the first combined newsletter for Destiny Architects!

That's you! YOU are the architect of your own destiny!

This newsletter began in 2014 when I was doing Reiki sessions at White Dove. It continued to evolve as I became a certified coach in 2017. Last year, I began putting out a newsletter about content creation—mainly writing.


  • Why I'm combining the newsletters
  • What to expect in your inbox each Monday (exclusives for subscribers!)
  • How this newsletter will benefit you as a creator
  • How you'll benefit from this newsletter as someone who loves Reiki, life coaching, personal development, yoga, spirituality, and meditation
  • This week's exclusive for content creators who are looking for freelance writing gigs is a video about a freelance writing job to apply for—but apply with caution. Can you spot the red flags? 🚩 🚩 🚩
  • This week's exclusive for Reiki / yoga / meditation fans: A personal development worksheet to help you change your subconscious thinking patterns.
  • The Fearless 5 Podcast latest video episodes so you can lose the fear & get your ass in gear!

Combining Two Newsletters To Better Serve Your Journey

The same dynamic people (you) who are passionate about personal development, yoga, meditation, and Reiki content also seem to intersect with creators who are working on their side hustles!

Content creators, I see you! You need to relax & get away from your laptop. You—and your creative projects—would benefit from getting organized, decluttering, starting a meditation practice, and learning to meditate. You also have told me you have trouble starting these practices and keeping them going!

So I'm bringing all of you together through the intersection of these ideas! 💡

This won't be just, "Hey, you're stressed, creator/soloprenuer, so decompress and do this yoga pose and meditate."

Expect Content Like:

Coming Soon 👇

  • Are there yogic principles that will help you organize your life better? YES!
  • Before you take that next freelance gig, ask whether it aligns with your values...
  • How to live your yoga off the mat—and on the job.

ICYMI: I've already created Yoga for Remote Workers for

This will arrive in your inbox every Monday as "The Blueprint" so you can become the architect of your own destiny in life and business!

Creators, You'll Benefit From My Content Experiments

I've written online daily since 12/1/21 testing out content verticals like Medium, Substack, Patreon, Twitter, Typeshare, TikTok, Racket, and YouTube.

If you missed anything about the #ContentStorm and Ship 30, you can learn about the results of my self-declared 90-day daily writing experiment here, which will save you time deciding where to publish your content.

If you want to learn more about Ship 30, watch this video or check it out!

The Newsletter Will Have Exclusive Weekly Content Just For Subscribers

You'll see this as a blog post on with the exclusive content for subscribers redacted. It will just be a blank space!

This week's exclusive for content creators

Let's lift back the veil on what it's like to "write on spec," "do an audition," or "take a test," when interviewing for a freelance writing position.

I'm not telling you "not" to work for the company in this example. I thought they actually would pay well, which is why I agreed to do their "test assignment" in the first place.

There were some red flags 🚩🚩🚩 during the process and I think it's helpful to share these with others so you can learn how to decipher whether these are worth your time/effort or not.

Remember: you're testing them to ensure they are a fit for you, too. So enjoy this video in which I unpack a recent audition for a job I wouldn't have wanted to take after going through all this.

This is exclusive video content for email subscribers only!

This week's exclusive for Reiki / Yoga / Meditation fans

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This Newsletter Is FREE!

You get to help form the future of this newsletter. I'm giving away a ton of value for free and plan to continue doing that! There will also be a future paid subscription of $5 for even more exclusive content. Look for that this summer!

Now is your chance to let your feedback be heard about what you'd like in it. How can I help you? What are you struggling with in business or in life?

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If You've Been On This List From The Start In 2014, Thank You!

You've been with me since I started offering Reiki sessions and classes in the back room of White Dove. For some reason, you still follow me as a certified coach, Reiki Master—and soon to be—teacher of yoga and meditation!

~Heather Larson, Usui Reiki Master & Certified Coach