Do you need help getting started with making changes so that you can navigate major life transitions without anxiety?

Change is inevitable, healthy, and manageable! (If you’re a new content creator, blogger, or video content creator just starting out, visit the Destiny Architecture companion site offering personal development for content creators).

I’m here to give you the “architecture” to help you manage change in your life so you don’t lose sleep, second-guess yourself, or succumb to fear. The best part? YOU are the architect of your own destiny! You choose the frameworks that will work for YOU—I help you hold yourself accountable.

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Growth & change in life don’t have to be nasty or feared. I specialize in helping those facing the intersection of initial change:

  • Career change
  • Chosen or sudden life changes that cause grief (death, divorce, job loss)
  • Finding peace and a fast-paced world through practices like yoga, Reiki, meditation
  • Personal development for content creators at