February 2024 Monthly Meditation & Manifestation Practice—with Journal! [Exclusive For Members]

This is a simple meditation with big benefits to prime you for a month of manifesting under February 2024's New Moon 🌚 and Lunar New Year. We're heading into eclipse season too!

February 2024 Monthly Meditation & Manifestation Practice—with Journal! [Exclusive For Members]

First off, the goodies!

Here's your digital manifestation journal to download 👇

This is the audio file of this month's guided New Moon 🌚 Meditation and Manifestation Practice 👇

New Moon Feb 2024
"Thinking of the things that you want to call in for the coming month, speaking them, And I mean, if you can do this out loud, I think that's even better. It's even more powerful when"
— Heather Larson

🌙 The February 2024 new moon is here, and with it, a fresh opportunity for meditation and manifestation. In this month's practice, I'm thrilled to share the 2024 Destiny Architecture manifestation journal, designed to align with our monthly meditations. Join me, Heather Larson, in this powerful session as we set our intentions and manifest our heart's desires.

Key Takeaways:

✨ Grounding and Centering: Take a moment to reconnect with yourself, release the energy of the previous month, and express gratitude for the lessons and accomplishments.

✨ Affirmation Practice: Embrace the 3-6-9 method by framing your intentions in the affirmative and practicing daily affirmations to manifest your desires.

✨ Community Support: Explore the Destiny Architecture school, and access a wealth of coaching and Reiki materials to support your manifestation journey.

I look forward to sharing and celebrating our manifestations together. Let's welcome the new moon and seize the opportunities it brings! If this resonates with you, I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments and encourage you to join our 🆕 community at DestinyArchitecture.com.

Manifest your destiny and embrace the magic of this lunar new year. Wishing you abundance and joy in the coming month! ✨

Time Stamps:

00:00 February 2024, new moon meditation and manifestation.
06:01 Shift mindset to "I just had 10 clients."
08:47 Manifest by thinking, speaking, and visualizing desires.
11:16 Easily making lots of money through ideas.
15:29 Join the community for Reiki support.

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