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Five Steps to Revamp Your Story-Telling in Life

Five Steps to Revamp Your Story-Telling in Life

Recovery Month: instead of what are you recovering from, how about a new thought? Leaving the Past Behind and Creating a New Present and Future!

Same old song!.jpg

The above graphic makes me giggle, so I had to post it. I can’t tell you how often someone called the request line in my years of radio to tell me that! What’s funny to me is a radio station has a frequency. We each vibrate our own frequency energetically. (Can you tell I’m a Reiki Master?) So when a radio station plays the same, old, tired song, people tune out when it no longer vibrates to their frequency. They’ve moved on! The same is true about our personal vibrational frequencies and the stories we are telling the world. Read on…

Stories. We all have them.

What is your story? How do you show up to others in the world? What story are you telling them?

I know in my past I used to tell an awful story. People would see my happy, bubbly personality, but my story didn’t match. I used to undercut accomplishments and compliments -- you name it -- without even realizing it. I was telling a story that I was, “less than,” and I am not even sure why!

I had to consciously choose a new story to live from and show the word with my every thought, action and behavior that I wanted to play big. I wanted to tell a story of growth and leveling up. I had to train myself to think different and respond differently. Which first meant I had to become conscious of all the ways in which I unconsciously opted to play small.

That was a lot of work!

But as Destiny Architects, that’s what we are here to do -- the work! The primary factor in what makes us Destiny Architects is that we know we are the architects of our own destiny. We know we are constantly manifesting the future, so let’s make it a future we truly desire.

Tell a 

First, stop telling the same old story about your past or from your past.

Become conscious of the story you are telling. As a coach, I’m excellent at discovering the story you are telling in our first meeting. Once you become conscious of it, it will become easier over time with practice to become increasingly aware of it. It comes out of your mouth and shows up in your actions or inactions.

Second, just what is that future you want anyway?

Choose it! It’s yours! Don’t be afraid to take giant leaps forward and think big. Prepare to uplevel. Notice whether you are planning your life paycheck to paycheck as though that’s the only possibility you can foresee.

Third, once you’ve become aware of the story still being dragged into the present, you can begin to train yourself to choose differently so it can stay where it belongs -- in the past.

You start training your thinking and choosing to back it up with new actions congruent to the future you are wanting to create.

Fourth, make that vision clear.

Write down lists of what you want. Keep a journal. Start your vision board, big, bold and in color. (For help and guidance, join my Facebook Vision Boarding group here). Use affirmations. Visualize what it’s like to feel that future coming into being. Feel yourself having that new car, home, job, etc.

Fifth, make it a habit.

Practice your affirmations. Write in that journal regularly. Make a new list each day and then go back to look at what “want in my life” items come up on that list repeatedly. (I have used this method since I was a teenager; I was always a personal development junkie!)

Find a creative visualization meditation you can use daily to motivate yourself into your new ways of living. Make sure you capture the feeling you desire each day. Most of us must recover from our own thinking.

Five Steps to Revamp Your Story Telling:

  1. Stop telling your same old story
  2. Choose a new future
  3. Train yourself to tell a new story
  4. Be clear on creating a new vision
  5. Practice it!

1. Stop telling the same story

2. Choose a new future 

3. Train yourself to tell a new story!

4. Create a clear new vision

5. Practice it!.jpg

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