Grab These Deals on Coaching, Reiki, & Meditation Before Monday!

I want this to be your destination for destiny—yoga, Reiki, meditation, and coaching (and your own personalized combo of all that!)

Grab These Deals on Coaching, Reiki, & Meditation Before Monday!
Photo by Austin Schmid / Unsplash

I don't usually send out more than one email a week, but these Black Friday bundles I made you are just such great deals that I don't want you to miss out.

Even though I know your inbox is full of emails like this today, I hope you'll support an independent creator & teacher like myself. 🙏

One way you can do that without spending a dime is to leave a testimonial! These always make my day when I receive one. 👇

Thank you to Andrea, who runs The Hive in Wichita. I highly recommend it for coworking when you're in Kansas!

Now, Onto The Destiny Architecture® Deals!

I think there's something for everyone here. 😉

Let's start with a deep discount on 1 month of 1:1 coaching with me—plus the brand-new Meditation for Beginners Course + digital planner.

4 Coaching sessions, the Meditation for Beginners Course, and the 27-page self-care digital planner—a $600+ value for $150 off!

(Afterpay, Affirm, and Klarna payment options are available for all bundles).

🦶 Ready to Get Your Feet Wet?

This is a tremendous deal when you want to try coaching, Distance Reiki, and develop your meditation practice for greater insight.

This is my best "Let's F*cking GO!" deal!

With this bundle, you'll:

⭐️ Learn to meditate at your own pace & receive private instruction

🌙 Recieve 1 Distance Reiki Session

☀️ Get 1 private coaching session with me

🧘 Receive the Relax & Unwind Guided Audio Meditation to listen to over & over again

The Ultimate Destiny Architecture® Bundle!

There's no way I should be pricing this at such a low price, but I'm grateful for YOU! So let's go!

Sometimes, 3 months of coaching is only the beginning...

This is a $2,000 value! Major sale!

In this bundle, you're really treating yourself:

🙂 3 Months (12 sessions) of transformational life coaching

🔥 The Meditation for Beginners Course

🌍 The 27-Page Self-Care Journal & Digital Planner (to write down all those insights you'll be getting from all the Reiki, meditation, and Coaching you'll be doing!)

🌌 1 Private Meditation Lesson

🕯️ 1 Distance Reiki session

Meditation For Beginners Bundle: For When You WANT to Meditate, But You Need ALL of the Help!

I get it—I've been there. You struggle with too many thoughts, think you can't concentrate, and have trouble finding the "Zen" of meditation. Let me help you in 3 ways with this bundle!

🕉️ Go at your own practice & learning pace with the Meditation for Beginners online course

📿 Use your private meditation instructional session with me (1 hour) to deepen your practice, tailor it to your personal needs, and ask questions

🔊 Listen to the Relax & Unwind Guided Audio Meditation as much as you need to!

This is packed with value at an affordable price!

Browse The New Site and Join the Destiny Architecture® Online School

Now that I've settled in Phoenix and all the moving to-dos have been done, I'll pour more into the Destiny Architecture® Online School, hosted on Teachable.

I want this to be your destination for destiny—yoga, Reiki, meditation, and coaching (and your own personalized combo of all that!)

I teach what's helped me create a life I love with the freedom to choose where/how I live. (Right now, that's working remotely in Phoenix, Arizona on projects I love as a freelancer). Reiki, yoga, and meditation have helped me carve a spiritually guided path forward into a life of health, purpose, and fulfillment.

It's my goal to help you do the same while still living the busy life you already have.

I know it's tempting to want to change everything overnight—but that's not how this works. I'm here to help you build lasting change, not overnight, "instant gratification" change.

I hope you'll continue to join me on this journey—especially if you've been with me for the past 9 years in Wichita, KS at White Dove. 🕊️ 🙏