Guided Audio Meditation to Help You Open Your Heart

A Heart-Centered Meditation: Opening Your Heart Chakra for a Fresh Energy Flow

Guided Audio Meditation to Help You Open Your Heart
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🌟 Excited to share my latest podcast episode on Destiny Architecture: Guided Meditation to Open Your Heart 🌟

In this 10-minute meditation session, I guide you through the process of shifting energy from your head space to your heart space, creating a pathway through your chakra system for a more open and balanced state of being.

Key takeaways:

🪷 Learn to tune into where your energy is most active in your body and shift it towards your heart space

🪷 Practice deep, cleansing breaths to release tension and invite fresh energy into your heart chakra

🪷 Utilize simple mantras to affirm and solidify your intention to keep your heart open, allowing for a balanced and refreshed state

Tune in to this episode to start your day off with a renewed, open-heart energy that you can carry with you. Let's open our hearts and embrace the positive energy.

Time stamps:

00:00 Deep breaths, tune into energetic centers. Merge energy into heart space, open heart.
05:39 Release old, make space for new energy.
07:55 Heart open, breathe, be open, notice, be.
10:02 Open heart, refreshed feeling, return to meditation.

Guided Meditation to Open Your Heart

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