Guided Meditation: Meditation + A Reiki Session by Proxy

Guided Meditation: Meditation + A Reiki Session by Proxy
Photo by Katherine Hanlon / Unsplash

Sending Reiki by proxy is another way of saying I am sending your Enkaku Chiryo, or Distance Reiki. In this meditation session, I will combine Reiki with meditation for you for the ultimate in relaxation.

In this meditation, we will focus on the 5 Reiki Precepts:

  1. Be kind to all living things
  2. Do not anger
  3. Do not worry
  4. Give thanks
  5. Work honestly

To live in alignment with these 5 precepts is to live in the Reiki way.

The path of Reiki is spiritual but not religious.

If you want to receive Distance Reiki during this meditation, you merely have to be open to it or choose to receive it. If you don’t wish to receive Reiki during this session, you won’t as Reiki is an intelligent life force energy that respects your free will.

This week’s meditation + Reiki by proxy session is 11 minutes long, features my singing bell, and has a backing track of relaxing music. There’s an extra 3 minutes of music on the backside of the meditation so you can enjoy relaxing with it.

Meditation 9
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