Happy Self-Care Saturday & Sunday!

Happy Self-Care Saturday & Sunday!
Happy Self-Care Saturday!.jpg

Ah, weekends!

The time for self-care. For me today, that means solitude! I have enjoyed today being lazy, having tea and soup, and watching Netflix.

In my weeks, I am talking to people all the time. When asking myself all day what I needed for my Self-Care Saturday today, it could only be one thing -- solitude. Quiet. Peace. Lack of doing. No phone, no interruptions.

What do you need for self-care this weekend?

I went into today thinking of my to-do list. I have a big week coming up and I want everything set up right. But that's not important today. My body wanted to nap. I spent some time with my kitty. She's finally feeling better after a rough week! This makes me so grateful! I played some video games. I tuned out. It was a day of downtime. The only people I talked to in person were my neighbors.

I'm a huge extrovert. To balance that, I need my downtime. This solitude time. It's just me having my own private time without a schedule. This lets me recharge my battery so I can get back to it tomorrow. Whenever I take a day like this, fresh energy follows the next day!

What about you?

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