Heading into the weekend, putting the devices down


Get your FREE workbook & begin your digital detox this weekend!

It’s full of great tips and questions to help you assess and change your online habits.

A Digital Detox would be great this weekend, wouldn’t it?

Think about starting your weekend free of technology…Would it feel liberating? Or would you be tempted to pick it up again constantly? Would you have the constant urge to see if he or she texted you back after that date? Would you NOT be able to resist posting that Tik Tok?

What would you even do if you had to go without your phone this whole weekend? What if you went without looking at a single screen? You can start with just putting your phone down or go all the way and live a Walden-esque lifestyle. It’s up to you. Remember, here at Destiny Architecture, YOU are the architect of your own destiny.

Now, you can be the architect of your own digital destiny with my new FREE Digital Detox Workbook:

Get your FREE workbook!

Are you using technology or is it using YOU?

The FREE workbook contains tips to assess how healthy your technology use (or overuse) is. You’ll find out where you are and be given the strategies to be able to unhook from the tech to create lasting change. You can easily use this for a weekend digital detox but you can also feel free to take more time with it. Maybe read the guide one page at a time, or implement one page a week. YOU get to choose how to do it!

However you choose to conduct your own digital detox — it’s an act of self-care. We all need to take a look at our own use of the Internet, social media, apps, email, etc. I used my digital detox to examine my own behavior and the reasons WHY I had to have my iPhone near me at all times. I chose to reduce the amount of notifications coming to my phone and I keep most of my social media apps off my iPhone’s first page. I turned off news notifications, too. Why give myself fuel for anger and frustration? I don’t need more reasons to be mad or disappointed after 2020 and surviving COVID. I’m good. I had to take a look at where my attention was going. I decided to decrease the amount of noise and it was liberating!

I wish you the same feeling of liberation! So I wrote this ebook/workbook for you. Everything we do to become more self-aware and to change our behavior is a good thing. It’s a step forward. It’s what Destiny Architecture is all about.

Happy digital detoxing,

~Heather Larson, Transformational Life Coach and Usui Reiki Master