How Reiki Helps Stress ⚡️ The Destiny Architecture Blueprint for 7/25/22

How Reiki Helps Stress ⚡️ The Destiny Architecture Blueprint for 7/25/22
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Let's talk about Reiki this week and how it helps stress.

7 Ways Reiki Helps Stress

Reiki is spiritually-guided life energy. This traditional Japanese laying-on-of-hands technique reduces stress and promotes healing.

But how? Let's go over seven different ways Reiki helps stress.

1. Reiki causes no harm.

This spiritually-guided life force energy is intelligent. It goes where it’s supposed to go and does what it’s supposed to do. The Reiki practitioner channels the energy to you. This means this person is not performing work. They are acting as a conduit.

(Part of the reason I lowered my Reiki rates this summer!)

Since Reiki is an intelligent energy, it respects your free will.

No Reiki practitioner or Master can send it your way if you don’t want it. Remember, the Reiki Master isn’t directing your healing, deciding what to work on, or making any choices or determinations in healing.

2. Reiki never depletes you.

As a Reiki Master, I know channeling Reiki can make me hungry and thirsty. But it never depletes me.

Reiki doesn’t deplete the giver or receiver.

In fact, the person channeling Reiki and the person receiving it both benefit from it. No two people experience this energy in the same way. Each person’s experience is as unique as their fingerprint.

3.  Reiki Can Work On Certain Issues, Like Stress

Since Reiki is spiritual consciousness, it works on your Ki (life-force energy) to clear up the pathways in your energy field. It works on your thoughts and feelings—some call this our energy, mood, or vibes.

A Reiki Master is attuned to using the sacred symbols of Reiki with you. The symbols are attuned to different purposes, like thoughts, emotions, and pure consciousness.

As a Reiki Master who has practiced for 160+ hours on 100+ people since 2014, I can tell you that Reiki can show me a lot about you. But not everything.

Reiki may lead me to spend more time on your right knee during your session and I don't know why. But, after your session, you may tell me what the significance of that is—if there is any.

Reiki won’t tell your secrets.

4. Reiki Helps You Get In Touch with Your Energetic Body

Reiki helps you relax because it works on your energetic body—your aura, esoteric body, and chakras.

This is a foreign idea in the West, which likes to give a proverbial bandaid to dis-ease without finding the source. We are often given pills without looking at the holistic picture of our lifestyle, environment, job, relationships, stress, sleep, exercise, diet, hormones, and more.

We're often told, “You have this, take this pill for it.” This is done instead of looking at non-physical parts of a person’s life or the true causes of dis-ease. In the West, we have one body—the one we can see.

But in Eastern philosophy, there are bodies unseen. Reiki works directly on these while Western medicine, beliefs, and spirituality do not.

Reiki clients often come to me with specific concerns.

People often came to me wanting spiritual counseling with Reiki. Because I was already working professionally as a sober coach in 2015, I decided to add a professional (100-hour) transformational life coaching certification to what I was already doing.

5. Reiki makes you feel better

I make no guarantees about what it can do, but Reiki will usually relax you. One of the best compliments I receive is when my Reiki clients fall asleep on the table! Snoring is like a 5-star review.

In all my ten years of practicing Reiki, only one person told me they felt like going for a run afterward. Everyone else said they were in relaxation mode and desired to stay there.

While Reiki works on us in ways we often can’t see, we know it’s true that taking time out to meditate and rest—two essential components of Reiki—will help us feel better.

No one has ever told me Reiki made them feel worse. But no one has ever told me it’s fixed their life either. It’s important to have a healthy expectation of what the healing arts can do.

Reiki, yoga, meditation, EFT, NLP, spirituality, and personal development are all tools. It’s up to us to learn to use the right tool at the appropriate time for the problem we are trying to solve (or an issue we are trying to heal).

These are called practices for a reason. They are not miracle cures. You still have to do your healing work.

6. Reiki is self-care

Just taking time out to get your chakras balanced through the art of Reiki is self-care. Taking time out for yourself is an act of rebellion in our fast-paced society. Laying down to receive Reiki gets you to slow down and take time out of the endless wheel of instant gratification on which we ride.

This means Reiki helps you build your self-awareness.

7.  Reiki pours into you spiritually.

When a Reiki Master is channeling this life-force energy to you, they fill you with healing light and energy. You are getting to engage in one of the oldest healing practices the world has known, which is simply one person helping another.

When one or more of us holds space for another's path to healing, we all benefit.

Reiki can be done on your own but does require some community at a certain level (beyond Level One). Other Reiki practitioners and Masters can help guide your path to healing.

Just remember, the steps are yours to take.

Now that you know how Reiki helps stress, go ahead and book your session for Saturday at White Dove!

If you love Reiki and want to learn more, I share some of what I've learned in the past 10 years in this video 👇

Have a great week!

Wishing you lots of air conditioning & praying for rain ☔️

-Heather Larson, Certified Coach and Usui Reiki Master