How to make decisions -- life coaching style!

How to make decisions -- life coaching style!

I feel compelled to share this quote today. I didn't know who Zadie Smith is so I looked her up to find she's a British writer. Who better to say such a powerful quote but a writer? We writer types are excellent at going against the traditional grain...

Having trouble making decisions?

I used to have this problem! I used to be indecisive. When I'm making a major purchase like a car or computer? Forget about it! Some of those used to take me months. But now, I can pull the trigger swiftly. Why?

I know what I want. I know what my why is. I know what the bigger picture goals are, so I'm able to jump when an opportunity comes along for me.

I know what my values and priorities are. Values dictate priorities. What do I value? I value challenge. I value creating positive energy in each day. I value my alone time, my creative time. I value moving forward in life in certain ways. I am constantly asking myself, "Is this what I really want, or is it what I want right now?" Is this choice congruent with the promises I have made to myself? If I do this, does it show integrity to family, friends, and community?

Yes, there are tools to use too. Pro/con lists are still an old standby. A good coach will put you through a values check too.

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