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How to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind [Worksheet]

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Change your mind.

Here’s a simple way to reprogram your subconscious mind.

How to reprogram your subconcious mind with this new, downloadable PDF worksheet

Thank you for joining me on this path of healing work. You’re going to do great. There are many “a-ha moments” ahead of you! Let’s get to work.

Ask yourself, “What pre-programmed subconscious messages do I deal with?”

Let’s get into a niche here because to mine the negative subconscious messages from the entire mind is a tad overwhelming.

Which niche would you like to work on?

  • Money/finances
  • Health/beauty/body image/exercise
  • Creativity
  • Career and/or job search/job changing
  • Personal life
  • Habits
  • Routine, ritual
  • Success

Remember, this healing work is endless and you can always come back to this tool to work on different areas at different times.

Let’s use trust as an example.

I catch my subconscious being weird about trust all the time, but this doesn’t mean that in these fleeting moments I am doing anything about it. I am merely becoming conscious of the fact that I catch glimpses of my lack of trust. What is it I don’t trust? I start asking the questions so the work can begin.

How does this message hold me back?

I know from life experience that taking a leap of faith works for me. I am a risk-taker by nature. Perhaps that’s why I don’t trust well…sometimes I take a leap of faith that is well-planned out. Those are the ones that work. Impulsive leaps, however, do NOT work! I think those few unplanned leaps and subsequent failures embedded in me a lack of trust tied into a feeling of failure. There were also many personal relationships with friends, family, and love interests which also fed my lack of trust.

But let’s dig a little deeper, using myself as an example.

What is behind that lack of trust?


What am I afraid of?

That’s a good question! Is it failure I am scared of? No. It’s more the fear of putting myself out there. There’s a fear of vulnerability. I can own my failures, mistakes, and the embarrassment from them. But at least I am doing something. Some people never do anything. They let the fear paralyze them. I am afraid often of being seen and feeling vulnerable.

I’ll leave out all the “psych 101” reasons why as I’m a life coach and I’m not interested in the past. A good coach moves forward, not back. (To deal with past issues, early childhood memories, and family of origin issues, please see a qualified therapist).

So we’ve decided I will work on my personal life and general fear for the purpose of this example.

What is the opposite of fear? Love!

Let’s find a way for me to attract more love into my life! If love is the opposite of fear (and it is) then I want to attract things like courage and trust into my life.

This is where the affirmations come in.

  • “I love and trust life!”
  • “I trust the Universe if always working in my favor.”
  • “I trust in life, I am trustworthy and operate with integrity so I attract people who are trustworthy to me.”
  • “I am worthy of trust and only attract trustworthy people into my life.”

Play with these affirmations and tailor them to your own life.

So now we know I have some pre-programmed messages about lack of trust embedded in my subconscious. Perhaps that came from my parents always saying things like, “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.” We also know these pre-programmed messages caused me harm as they hold me back from being able to be vulnerable to others.

Therefore, we begin to turn it around by asking:

What do I want to attract into my life?

Then we tailor affirmations for what we DO want in our life. Because remember:

What you focus on expands!

If you want less of it, DO NOT concentrate on it!

There are three more questions to engage you on this path in this worksheet.

Often I find when I am doing this work, I start with six questions and end up asking myself 30. The questions beget more questions. The more armor you take off, the more you can ask yourself and the more you can free up!

A word about these downloadable PDF worksheets by Destiny Architecture

I design these worksheets for you to use by printing them out. You can then write on them or write in a journal to answer questions. Of course, you can save paper by downloading the worksheet to your device and then journaling on a laptop. Whatever you prefer!

I also design these worksheets for self-study. But I am here for coaching sessions if something comes up that you’d like to work on further.

You can also join the Patreon community for support from the group!

Also, please take your time when working on these. They are for YOU! They are for your personal growth and development. Tie them into your yoga, meditation, or writing practice. Diffuse some essential oil, put on some music, cut out distractions, and use these in your self-care time. You’ll be glad you did.

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