I'm not perfect; I'm all about progress

I am not a perfect life coach. I am all about progress!

As we say in 12-step fellowships, "Progress not perfection."

Who wants a perfect life coach anyway?

I'm almost surgically attached to my planner, but I'm not the stereotypical idea of the perfectly put together life coach. Why? Because I am always learning, changing and growing. Like the Hindu goddess of being Never Not Broken, Akhilandeshvari, I am ever-evolving.

Which means you get a life coach who is always learning, growing, and striving for more.

Yes, I do all those crazy life-coach-esque things. I keep a log of my habits. I meditate. I do yoga.

I listen to personal development podcasts and read a littany of self-help books. I always have.

As a kid, I got in trouble with my dad when I was really small and he drove a blue Chevy Blazer that had a tape deck in it. I don't remember what I was in trouble for. (Probably for mouthing off; I've always been outspoken to say the least). As my "punishment," my father made me listen to a Zig Ziglar cassette in the Blazer. I secretly enjoyed it, all while making faces of disgust from the back seat.

I was a little coach, I just didn't know it.

Life took me on a path of highs and lows. I worked in radio broadcasting for 17 years. I beat my addictions (except for coffee). I lived in a few states. I worked in Corporate America, for myself, and at a non-profit. I worked in the field of addictions (still do at this time). I folded t-shirts and made lattes as a teenager. I even modeled back then. In radio, I worked with rock stars, famous people, and local celebrities. I got into journalism. I wrote news; I worked at magazines, radio and online outlets.

I can relate to you.

I've done a lot so far but I am only getting started. I had experiences in my youth a young person shouldn't have had. But I learned to heal. I learned to love that work. I love the healing. I love transforming a situation from shit pickle to success. Yes, I cuss. They say that's a sign of intelligence. I say it's a sign I may have a few vices left!

Please join me on this site for the adventure I love -- life coaching! Lots of healing work is to be done here and through what I am starting!

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Heather Larson

Certified Life Coach and Reiki Master