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11 Things To Be Proactive About in Unpredictable Times

11 Things To Be Proactive About in Unpredictable Times
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I write freelance for tech startups. News broke Friday that Silicon Valley Bank had failed and that the Feds had seized control of it. You can imagine both the flavor and color this announcement added to the Friday of anyone working in the tech sector—and beyond.

A friend who works for ADP told me helping companies make payroll on Friday was...interesting.

Another friend who makes passive income off Etsy sales said her sales were still going through, but she was waiting to see whether her usual Monday deposit would happen...or not. (Update: It did land today!)

Some wondered if "this is 2008 all over again?"

It's not. It's different.  

As someone who got their butt kicked by that crisis from 2007-2011, here are a few things I know for sure:

✨ You cannot predict what/when the next black swan moment will be (I was a WaMu customer & worked for a major corporation that failed. I was furloughed. It was terrifying) 🦢🦢

✨ Get ready now before it hits—whatever "it" may be

✨ This is a good time to read/re-read "Who Moved My Cheese" 🧀

✨ This is a time to be proactive

11 Things To Be Proactive About in Unpredictable Times:

1. Your side hustle

2. Your wellness

3. Your self-care

4. Your mindset

5. Pruning expenses

6. Building savings

7. Perfecting your craft

8. Upskilling

9. Networking

10. Writing your resume

11. Following your intuition, you know—those little nudges

If you've read "Who Moved My Cheese," you know that each of us at any point can be any one of the four characters in the story. Be proactive and choose. Which one do you want to be?

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