It's here & ready to download: my first mini ebook for you, "It's Time To Align"

It's here & ready to download: my first mini ebook for you, "It's Time To Align"

Did I mention I’m giving it away for FREE?

I’ve given it a value of $11.11, but I am giving it away for FREE!

I felt called by The Universe to put this ebook out — and for FREE!

I felt a strong nudge that, “there is no more time to waste.” We all must get into alignment. The reason for this is because the Universe needs us to do our work. We all have something to give but we can’t bring it forth when our energy and vibration is low. So we must be in alignment — and stay there!

It’s also not that hard to become more aligned with our truth.

I think we tend to make things a lot harder than they need to be. It wasn’t hard to get out of alignment and it won’t be that hard to get back into alignment.

This is also why I felt compelled to give away a FREE ebook — and make it short. It’s simple. It’s a great way to start shedding what you don’t want in your life so you can start calling in what you DO want.

Let’s start with some simple signs you’re out of alignment. I’m guessing if you found this blog or my Instagram, you’ve vibrated to it. You know already where you’re at. But I give out some simple signs in the book, like dreading waking up in the morning and feeling less passionate much of the time.

Then I share some personal experiences with ruining my own alignment, both old and very recent. It happens to all of us. To be straight to the point, it happens when we choose fear over love. When we let fear rule our lives, we start living in the “have to” zone.

“But I have to get a steady paycheck”

“I have to put others first”

“I have to go to work” (at a job I hate or that doesn’t fulfill me).

If you don’t have it in your soul to turn these “have to” ordeals into “get to” items, then start working on your own alignment. Are you in alignment with:

  • Your highest self
  • Your hopes and dreams
  • Your goals
  • With all you want to create in your life
  • Your highest desired manifestations and stretch goals

So what is driving you? Is it fear? is it love? Are you living for yourself truly?

Or is it a relative’s voice in your head telling you what you “should” or “have to” do. If you’re a woman who is doing the work to cancel out the negative voices in her head, leave a comment, Warrior!

We grew up with the voices of teachers, bosses, parents, grandparents — whomever — telling us what we “should” do or should “never do.” My grandmother loved to browbeat me with, “A lady would never…” Well, guess what? In my grandmother’s day, a lady would never do 99% of the things I am so privileged to do daily. So let’s get the great-grandmother and grandmother voices out of our head. Were these women who lived wildly in alignment with their souls? Were our mothers?

What is your voice asking — or begging — you to do?

This is the only voice we are trying to get in touch with here. This FREE mini ebook will help you get in touch with who you really are and what she really needs in order to live her most fulfilling and authentic life. This process is simple. We look at what you value most in life. We increase your self-awareness. I also share some misaligned blunders of my own for you to learn from.

There are a bunch of questions for self-reflection to spark thought and for you to use as journal prompts.

Want more? You can always book me as a coach. There’s even a payment plan if you want to really work hard.

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Start with the FREE mini ebook and let me know how you’re doing with it. I am available to coach you on weekday afternoons!

Getting into alignment the way I teach in this ebook is a skill. You can take this with you for the rest of your life and revisit it whenever you have doubts about your alignment creep up on you. I talk about knowing your values. This is one of many simple tools I use as a coach. If you can identify your core values, you can get into — and stay in — alignment. You can also use your values and self-awareness to make decisions. Do I move to Grand Cayman or not? (A question I once asked myself). Well, is that a decision aligned with my values? Given that Rock Fever would set in and I enjoy freedom…probably not. Should I go live on a ship and sail the world? That’s a hard, “YES!”