LFG! It's Time for the March Cohort of #Ship30for30!

I'm very excited to get going with my second cohort of Ship 30 because the first one was:

  • Amazing!
  • Like drinking out of a firehose, yet I still want more

This time around, I'll be concentrating more on building community. I really want to connect better with others, help new shippers, and meet more people.

I love to watch people give birth to ideas through writing. The one thing about Ship 30 is you never know where it will lead!

I'll be concentrating on these areas in the new cohort from March-April:

  • Testing two sites against each other. This one and my original site.
  • Working on using this site to create a value-packed newsletter my core audience can't live without.
  • Doubling down on the Endless Idea Generator, which I need to do better work with for my niche.
  • Building community both within Ship 30 + my own community of Destiny Architects.
  • Continuing to grow my podcast by getting more people on it (like Shippers!) and getting myself onto your podcast.
  • Jumping into writing on LinkedIn for career-inspired posts.