Life happens in the air, so get your feet off the ground

Life happens in the air, so get your feet off the ground

I have said this so much I am not even sure where to reference where I’ve said it anymore.

A leap of faith will always serve one well.

What’s worse than a leap of faith? Not moving at all. I’d rather take the fear of “flying by the seat of my pants” over the drudgery of being stuck in a routine I hate any day.

This time last month, I was sick as could be, voiceless, and without hearing in my right ear. I decided to make changes, then I veered off course completely. I walked away from a steady paycheck job to benefit my immune system and the nagging call of my soul telling me, “This isn’t where you belong.”

It’s a month later now. I’m forging a new path. Forging a new path WHILE being sick was a nightmare. I’m not going to sit here and lie to you and tell you how wonderful leaps of faith are. They suck! My leaps of faith have served me well. BUT, they have always been filled with doubts, fears, hopes, faiths — and amazing friends.

What I have learned is…

Life happens when you are in the air. Your feet have to leave the ground or you ain’t living.

Sorry, biweekly paycheck devotees. I don’t mean to pick on you directly. But have you ever wondered what it would be like to do what you want AND not apologize to anyone for it?

My gut tells me the day of the predictable biweekly paycheck and steady job are going away anyway. Have you tested the waters of the gig economy? When is the last time you shopped around a resume to see if something isn’t better out there? Go start that business. Go pitch that idea. Go try that new thing.

It works. It will scare you. But it will make you feel alive inside.

These experiences I’m having right now are giving me so much personal growth. I have grown every single day. I have pushed myself to new levels. I’ve shocked myself.

I’ve started a new path in my work that has allowed me to return to my writing roots. I’m even getting to freelance again! I’ve been able to really show up as a coach and Reiki Master for my clients. I have been working to create a new, daily gym habit this week. I just did a review of my current goals and realized how many I have crushed in the past ten weeks. One of those goals was to leave the social work I was doing.

I did it!

I’m landing the clients who were in my goals list I set at the end of May in my current self journal.

I see the proof that changing my energy field and how I take care of myself translates directly into ALL areas of my life. (Not like I didn’t know this before). Taking care of my health FIRST and putting my self-care and sanity FIRST has totally changed the game for me in the past month.

There was no net. There was nothing to fall back on other than the kindness of friends and my pure belief that I could do it.

It’s going to make one helluva story someday. Today, I’m still living it out.

I’m not saying go quit your job without a plan. Don’t do it and then come back and sue me because it worked out crappy for you.

I’m just telling you what works for me. But I thrive on the hustle and the challenge. I will work at something until I get it. That’s just how I’m wired. This got me into morning radio and journalism. It made me a successful freelancer and morning show producer in market 15 (at the time). I have the type of brass balls to just pack up my house and throw a dart at the map — which is how I ended up in Kansas. So…I’m a little insane.

But what about YOU? What’s your stretch goal? Where does your comfort zone end? What can you give up in your life in order to change up your entire energy in life?

Life happens in the air, so what is YOUR jump?

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