"Lightworker" is a bad word & the metaphysical community still isn't conscious

Here’s what we’ll be talking about this week on the Fearless 5 podcast.

Already wrote at length back in June on Patreon about this. You can read about it here.

I also want to say that I am NOT an anti-racism educator.

These are just my views after a couple years of doing my own anti-racism work on myself. I am still unpacking unconscious biases. All. The. Time. But those who call themselves “lightworkers?” Not at all! They aren’t educating themselves on anti-racism, they shun science, they follow all kinds of wacky stuff that has no evidence of working in reality…

And I used to be one of those people.

I used to call myself a “lightworker” because I thought it resonated with me. Maybe I just needed a reason to feel special? Maybe my little, young, impressionistic, atheist butt didn’t even know what I was seeking and that seemed like a shallow place to stop?

I ended up pretty surprised this year at how polarizing my local metaphysical community has become.

People I used to respect have gone to the fringes with their conspiracy theories and anti-mask rants. I stopped giving Reiki sessions in person due to Covid-19; I leave the house for few reason anymore. I’m NOT trying to catch this illness or spread it unknowingly. Masks aren’t up for debate as they are (currently) backed by science and all we have for protection and/or mitigation, even if it’s not much.

Let’s get into why “lighworker” is a bad word… new week, new topic!

I hate the word "lightworker." Here's why.