Meditation for Sleep!? It Depends!

This weekly guided meditation for members will help you sleep...if you let it! I answer the common question, "Is it bad if I fall asleep meditating?"

Meditation for Sleep!? It Depends!
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Enhance Your Sleep with Meditation: Exploring the Mind-Body Connection

Welcome to the Destiny Architecture® weekly guided meditation for members, where this week, we explore the intersection of meditation and sleep.

In this episode, I'm sharing my struggles with sleep and how regular meditation has helped. Many people ask about falling asleep during meditation.

Let me offer you reassurance and insight into the importance of rest. It's OK to fall asleep during meditation! You need rest, so take it.

Join me for a 17-minute dive into the world of sleep, meditation, and the power of letting go through a guided meditation practice.

Timestamped overview:

00:00 Using times for daily 20-minute meditations.

04:08 Sleep tracking, meditation, and Reiki session approval.

05:00 Music + Meditation practice begins

07:05 Focus on breathing, release expectations, and relax.

11:13 Release tension, breathe, and let go.

15:59 Meditate, repeat, wiggle, come out, replay.

Meditation Sleep

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