Monthly New Moon ­čîÜ Meditation For October

Join me this month in cultivating more peace and love on this planet. We all need your energy & intention.

Monthly New Moon ­čîÜ Meditation For October
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I made a couple of decisions for this month's New Moon ­čîÜ Meditation:

  1. I riffed and kept it raw & unedited
  2. This is NOT the month to try and "manifest all the things"
  3. The most important thing we can intend for this world right now is PEACE & LOVE. Easier said than done, but we all must try. It comes from within.
  4. This Destiny Architecture® Monthly New Moon Meditation is usually for members only. But since the world needs healing, this is free for all. Enjoy and if you do, please consider subscribing to the free newsletter or the weekly/monthly meditations for $4.99/month.

Thank you ­čÖĆ

New Moon 10 14 23


So I thought for this new moon, what we would do is something a little bit different. And, you know, due to world events, obviously, and, um, this new moon is, uh, Extremely special in a way. I think they all are. Um, but this new moon has to do with well and eclipse falls on it. So, hi, I'm Heather Larson, meditation teacher, yoga teacher, coach, and a Reiki teachers. So. Let's pull this all together for the new moon. For October 14th. 2023. And what I'd like to do is offer. Uh, way to meditate and manifest at the same time, once a month. And I had been doing it live and, and there's, there's so much going on for me for the next two months. And, uh, I think it's just better to give it to you. In a way that you can use it and you can decide when you want to fire up this new moon meditation. So welcome. Obviously. Uh, gosh, world events weighing heavily. On my mind. And you know, I just don't know how to articulate. The. Heartbreak. Um, the and fear and anger, not all of the emotions that I feel. About what's going on right now. And there's a lot of, if you pay attention to. Astrology. There's a lot of combustible energy in the stars. And obviously, you know, we're talking about. Uh, planets a lot. And this is different. I mean, this is a new moon meditation. And so the purpose of, of me. Hosting these new meditations in the beginning. I wanted a way to highlight the fact that you could live your life in cycles, you know, that you could have kind of. A ritual. And it could be in line with the moon and that the new moon is a great time to set intentions because it's the new moon where we're wanting new energy, we're wanting new things. So I think the new thing to want this month. I'm going to go in a very unselfish direction here. It's also selfish and instead of. Doing a manifestation. Exercise or I give you a worksheet or a tool or, and something to do. Um, I'm going to keep it simple and I'm going to back things up to. I think why. A lot of us are originally leaned into spirituality. And meditation and yoga and metaphysics. And that is too. Find connectedness to find union, you know, yoga does mean union, but you know, the meaning of yoga is to. Yoga's the absence of the fluctuations of the mind. And, um, It's very hard right now. Do not have fluctuations of the mind. This, this has been a tough week. Uh, with events going on in Israel and I, and I have friends over there of dear friends over there. And, uh, and so it does hurt my heart. And my mind has been fluctuating this week. Thank God my friends are okay. Um, but, but. If I'm going to do this. If I'm going to teach yoga and meditation and Reiki, and if I'm going to coach people. On how to live their best life. I have to do it in this world that we live in. And it is a harsh world. And it's a world where I think. Selfishly and unselfishly at the same time, we can want peace. So instead of. Doing the typical manifestation exercise that I would would do. Um, I want to do something deeper this week and I'm definitely didn't plan this I'm going off the cuff, which I also don't do with the new moon meditations. And I also usually do them on video. Um, but I can be more candid. With audio because I did radio broadcasting for more than 20 years. So I'm, I'm, I'm better this way. I'm. More specific this way. So I think what we'll do today, this, this meditation is going to be a meditation on love. And a meditation on peace. And a meditation on being the change in the world. That we want to be. And it is, it is. Harder, I think, than ever. Because it's I live in the United States. It's not just being divided over. Uh, United States presidential election anymore. There is division out there. There is. No. Appropriate response. Uh, to acts of war, you know, if, if you're into spirituality, like there's, there's no way as a yoga teacher that I can find. Do you reproach appropriately? Respond. And a way that doesn't. Cheapen the magnitude. The gravity of, of what is going on in the world. So if we can meditate this week, On piece on love and on what we want. This world to be. You know, it doesn't, it doesn't matter. What side you're on. We are all the human race and it sounds totally cliche and it sounds totally impossible, but I would like for everybody. To get along. And realize that other people have different beliefs. Other people have different cultures, other people live differently. And it's okay. And. I don't really think that that applies to this situation. You know, cause terror is terror and, uh, you know, Israel's note. Stranger to that. And to say that, oh, we can all get along. Um, just seems like a pipe dream. I don't know how to do it. I can only influence my little corner of the world and put peace and put love. Into my little tiny space where I take up space where I'm breathing the air. I can make this space. Peaceful. So. What I want to do is this, this meditation on how to. Become more peaceful and become more loving.

I know I want to concentrate on something that I learned over the weekend. Um, while everything was happening, I was. Not watching the news and trying to have a restful self-care weekend purposely with my own community. And. Now trying to turn a blind eye to what was happening, but to try and. Find some resolve. Um, to be kind of aware of what was going on, but to be. Able to be in peace with what was going on um, so I was with my Reiki community. I was with my teachers and I was completing the Eastern system of Reiki. And this was the shin Putin class. And we covered doing Reiki blessings. And so I wanted to kind of. Um, I, you know, I can't give one over the internet, but, um, I wanted to kind of go from that. Space of bringing in the light. And. You know, bringing in just. The right thinking. And the right speech.

And taking the right action. And so that, that is something that we can intend going forward, that we can intend that there should be a place that we are where we're in love. Where we're in gratitude. Where we're in peace where we're thinking the right thoughts. Where we're thinking. Or not. We're experiencing the, the right perception. And where we're speaking the right words and taking the right actions. In order to make this world. A better place. And. You know, some of this is in line. And Reiki is obviously in line with yoga. And, and meditation being a part of yoga. And, you know, If we're looking at things like right. Speech, right. Perception. Uh, these are the sutras and these come up in principles like south HSA, which is cleanliness, which can also mean cleanliness of speech. And speaking in a way that is quote unquote, right. But. You know, non harming. In speaking to one another in a way that speaks to life and his life affirming. And is full of love. And is full of peace.

And just take a moment to deepen your breath now.

And for a moment, just meditate on the idea. Then we can. And hopefully someday we'll live in a world. That is full of love.

And full of peace.

And full of. Most of us. Experiencing. Right thought. Right perception. Right speech.

Right. Action.

What would the world be? Right. If we could. Act from a place of love. Rather than fear.

And if we can intend this. And we can dream this, then we can be this. We can be love. And we can be peace. And we can. Intend this, and we can manifest this. We can intend. And manifest the right thought. We can intend and manifest the light. We can intend and manifest the right perception. We can intend and manifest right speech.

We can intend and manifest. Right. Action.

And it is possible, and we have to bring our energy together and bring our thoughts and beliefs together and believe that this is possible.

You know, and. You know, And Reiki and yoga. So many of the teachings. Online. And one of those is gratitude and. I want to create. And I'm sure you do too. The kind of world where we are grateful. Ever so grateful for what we are creating. And.

Creating peace and ever so grateful for it. And. May this be a memory this moment in time that we're living in. This eclipse, this new moon. These acts of war that are happening, that are reverberating throughout the world. Yes, they are showing us that we are all interconnected. And that one. Groups actions. Have cause and effect. And can harm or help. Another group. And I think this is an important thing to meditate on as. How. Our every word. Our every. Action. Uh, every perception.

It's so important. As we move forward into a world that we are creating consciously that is full of peace and love.

How we function, how we show up, how we speak. What we pour into ourselves so that we can take care of others. What we pour into others so they can take care of us, what we pour into our community so that we can support one another. What we pour into our family. Is so important. And so vital that. I hope it is something that you listen back to this.

And just drink it in.

And get into this energy where.

I'm bringing in the light. And I'm bringing in the right. Speech. And the right perceptions. And then I'm aligned with this light, this right thought is right perception and also this right speech. And that leads to being aligned and right. Action. So. This is kind of an unusual meditation this month because it's kind of. Kind of like I'm giving a talk, but also kind of a speech, but I'm just kind of riffing and the words are coming to me. And I hope that you use this new moon. To remember your place in the world. In your interconnectedness in the world. And that your place in the world is vital. And important. And that every word you speak.

Every perception you have every thought that you have every action you take. Is important for the rest of us. And it helps.

Each one of us to rise up. To create peace, to create more love to create a society. That is.

I don't even have a word. Uh, other than love. Uh, a society where we are. Like a utopia, you. Like where we are able to use. Everything we have at our disposal today. To create. Uh, lasting peace. And to believe that we can have this and to know. Deep in our bones that we. Can have this and that we can stop suffering. And we can stop hate and we can stop division. And we can stop blaming and finger pointing and like, we can just stop.

We can take a collective deep breath.

And we can ask ourselves, what are we doing? And how. Can we create. More peace. In this world. More love than we could ever know. We're going to get there. W we have to believe that we can get there. We have to. And I hope everyone listening to this. Takes to heart that it starts within. It starts within each one of us. With. Thoughts and beliefs that we are having. And our hearts and minds. And if we can purify these beliefs in love in peace, rather than letting fear drive us. Rather than letting hate drive us rather than letting judge mental illness drive us. If we can pull this off. And create peace within one person. That one person's piece is going to extend to the next and the next. And this is the kind of world I want to live in. And I hope you do too. So. Thank you for listening to. I think this was more of an intention setting rather than the. Meditation that I would guide you through. And I hope you share this with somebody else. If this touched you. And I hope you do what you can to help those in your community who are hurting. Right now. Jai Bhagwan.