New Moon Meditation & Manifestation Practice March 2024

Unleash Your Intentions: New Moon Meditation & Manifestation Practice in March 2024

New Moon Meditation & Manifestation Practice March 2024

This is an asynchronous New Moon 🌚 Meditation & Manifestation Practice for March 2024 that is free & open to all!


The New Moon 🌚 is on Sunday, March 10. You can use this meditation tonight, tomorrow, and/or Sunday to set your intentions for the coming month. There's a digital manifestation journal below for you to download. You can play the audio file or video below.

New this month, I'll also hold an in-person version of this (though the two will be different experiences) at Urban Wellness in Phoenix. That will be from 11:30-12:00 (right after all levels flow at Urban Yoga).

A Value For Value Meditation

With Value For Value, or V4V, I offer value with this post, meditation, and downloadable journal. It's ungated. This means you're welcome to shoot me some value via a Bitcoin lightning payment (address + ZBD tag below). If you are a fellow Bitcoiner with a hot wallet, go for it. ⚡️

I decided to go with V4V rather than continue to gate these behind a paywall. I'm a true believer in Bitcoin, lightning, ⚡️ and Nostr. So I'll be making it a part of what I do as a yoga, Reiki, and meditation teacher going forward. 🚀

🎧 Here's the audio track of this month's Guided New Moon 🌑 Meditation & Manifestation Practice

First, a timestamped overview:

0:00 Work intuitively, manifest new with meditation journal.

03:27 [Meditatio begins] Balance energy, sit straight, close eyes inward.

08:13 Release judgment, embrace the present moment, and breath.

13:47 Manifest glowing intention, hold, cup, inhale.

17:47 Experiment with meditation, and embrace different techniques.

New Moon Meditation Manifestation Practice March 2024

📺 Watch this month's Guided New Moon 🌑 Meditation & Manifestation Practice

🔊 A Music Track To Meditate To

I love Wavlake because I'm a Bitcoiner, rehabilitated radio pro, and contributor to the ValueVerse. ⚡️

This is my favorite track right now for all things chill—Reiki, yoga, and meditation. If you're a fellow Nostr pleb, check him out.

Please enjoy "Waves" by Wook Knite 👇

Download the Latest Version of the New Moon Meditation & Manifestation Practice Journal 📝

It's been a couple of months since I updated this for you, so it's time. This month, I've added a table of contents, a few gratitude journal pages, and some pages where you can list what you're releasing during the FULL Moon. 🌝

In Phoenix? Attend the In-Person Meditation on Sunday, 3/10 at 11:30!

Come on down and meditate in person with me at Urban Wellness, 7th/McDowell, in Downtown Phoenix. I'm doing a "pay what feels good" format, aka a "love offering." No one turned away... and since I have Mash embedded on my site, feel free to use that for Value4Value zaps with Bitcoin! ⚡️

I'll be doing a lot more V4V here on the site, btw! ⚡️

Lightning address to copy/paste:

You can also tip via ZBD ⬇️

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Meditation notes were written with a little help from CastMagicAI.