New Moon Meditation, Reiki, & Manifestation Practice April 2024

Reiki, Meditation, and Manifestation: Guided New Moon Practice for April 2024. Enjoy Reiki by proxy, a guided meditation, a manifestation journal, and manifestation practice all in one.

New Moon Meditation, Reiki, & Manifestation Practice April 2024
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Welcome to the New Moon meditation and manifestation podcast for April 2024!

I'm a yoga teacher, meditation teacher, Reiki teacher, and coach who's here to guide you through a monthly meditation and manifestation practice.

In this episode, I take you through the process of manifesting your intentions for the new moon cycle, incorporating Reiki, guided meditation, and manifestation exercises.

I emphasize the importance of detaching from the outcome and surrendering... Join me on this transformative journey and discover how to align yourself with the energies of the new moon. 🌑

We've got a New Moon + Total Solar Eclipse right in the middle of Mercury Retrograde!

Slow down and take this time for you. First, download the journal. 📝 I recommend using Notability for iPad!

I always release these practices 2 or more days before the New Moon so you can practice when it works best for you.

Listen to the New Moon Meditation & Manifestation Practice for April 2024

New Moon April 2024

Watch the New Moon Meditation & Manifestation Practice for April 2024

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🎧 My New Favorite Yoga Song for April is Act As by At Par on Wavlake!

I hope you enjoy playing this for your yoga, meditation, and Reiki practice as much as I do. 🙏

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