NEW Service: The Self-Love Recharge

Re-engage with your higher self, relax, and find YOU again.

NEW Service: The Self-Love Recharge

Is it time for a self-love recharge?

Are you feeling disconnected lately? Like you've over-given your energy to others that you'd honestly like to call back to yourself?

It happens to us all! But self-care is more than a bubble bath and "treat yo'self!"

Sometimes, you need to recharge on a deeper level—spiritually, energetically, emotionally, and physically. 🕯️

With the Self-Love Recharge, you get:

🌟 A bespoke, private guided meditation session to calm and reset your nervous system in my Phoenix office at Urban Wellness.

🌟 Self-care time with music, healing sounds, and essential oils.

🌟 A tarot card pull for added clarity.

🌟 Reiki energy is channeled to you to help you heal.

Step into my office, lie down on the table, and receive Reiki as you experience a relaxing guided meditation tailored just for you with essential oils, music, healing sounds, and a tarot card pull. We'll wrap up with a 15-minute mini-coaching session around whatever comes up!